Any white middle aged travel nurses out there?

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    Just wondering.

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    Yes there are.
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    Yes, there are. Why do you ask this specifically?
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    What is the current number for "Middle Aged"? Oh, yea it changes with your preception of age. When I was 20 I thought my co-workers who were 50 were OLD. Now that I'm 50 I still think I'm young. How does that work??? As far as color, I have speckles.

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    I guess I am "middle-aged" if I live to be 120!
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    LOL. Not real sure why you ask but Im 40,SWF....does that count?
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    We are out here!!!! Working and living my dream..following the wind, (and Jobs)!!
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    I wonder about age too, seems "middle age" nurses are becomming scarce. I am looking into travel at 49 years old and worry that age will be an issue .
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    Right on Zeke!!!!

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