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As a travel nurse, I am prepared to float at any point. Whenever I work a 12-hour daylight shift (7a-7p), I don't usually float (unless the majority of staff works an 8-hour shift). I recently floated from 3-7p and, having... Read More

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    I float frequently (about once a week) from 7p-11p. I always do an assessment but it does tend to be more focused. We also do not have to do quite as extensive charting for a 4 hr shift, but are required to chart system assessment & for pain. If surgical, I'll chart a wound/drain assessment as well, & I always do I/O for all pts. But otherwise, IVs, foleys, pca, education, care plan, etc. charting isn't required. If there would be a significant issue with any of these though, I would add it as well.

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    I do quite a few four hour shifts and I always do and document the assessment. Without an assessment, you don't really know your patient. In ICU, where I work, assessments are frequent.
    When giving a report to the next nurse, I can report my own findings.
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    I work ICU...No matter which area you work in, it's ALWAYS best to ASSESS!!!! Anytime you pick up a new patient, that is NEW to YOU...you need to give them the 'once over'....CYA, my friend!!!! I have also floated to various and sundry areas and every time I get my new peeps, no matter for how long, I assess them. You never know what you might find that the other nurse missed or something new....I would not care what the 'policy' is....I just do it Hope that helps!!! Keep on ASSESSING and you'll NEVER be GUESSING
    Good luck!!
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