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    Well, I am not sure if someone has started this topic already but I wanted to find others who will be applying for Weatherford's ADN program this application period. I am scheduling my TEAS for next week. I am excited to apply and see how things go. Would love to hear from others who are applying this round as well. Thanks and Happy New Year!!!!

    PS I have been taking my pre reqs at TCC.

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    im also going to apply for fall 2012! i took my teas test last month and didnt do as well as i would have liked. so, im studying and im going to take it again soon, just taking my time. im taking my pre reqs at weatherford. all done except micro and lifespan growth and development which they will just imput as a c since im taking it this spring.
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    Hey Jess!

    I am in the same boat somewhat. I will take APII and Micro this Spring and they will be put in as Cs. I have an A for API and College Albebra. (I took Chem and got an A in that too but I know Weatherford only excepts Chem or Col. Alg. not both.) I have finished all my Gen. Ed. courses but unfortunately my 4.0 in those won't give me an edge. I am taking the TEAS next Thurs. Got to study my butt off! With only 9 out of 23 application points I need to do well on the TEAS! Was the TEAS difficult? if so, in what ways. Talk to you soon!
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    yay! thats exciting that we have the same point area so we can cheer each other on!!! i have a A in both A&P1 & 2, a C in math , and then they will input the C for micro. so we are in the same boat! they said that 18 & 19 points were competitive last year, and 17 was alternate, so im really hoping to boost my teas up big time! i made three high C's in english, reading, and science so im confident i can bring those up to at least a B. i need a few A's though so im studying really hard! i made a D in math so anything in that area will help me!!! i dont think the teas will be too hard really if we study! i didnt study except for going to a science workshop at school... The science is really random and i have no clue how to tell you to study except to look at other peoples posts on here, thats what ive been trying to do. I mainly took it the first time to see what it was like and to feel for how much time there was for each section! are you just applying to weatherford ADN or others?
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    Hi, I was accepted into the adn program for Fall but will be going to TCC. I would say to buy the study guide for the TEAS and study hard. It really does make a big difference in your points. Good luck to all of you!!
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    yeah my school gave us handouts of the teas study guide, it didnt really help, so i bought the mcgrawhill and kaplan study guides and they are helping me on everything i was nervous about on the test! i have high hopes!
    and... congrats to your acceptance for tcc!
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    Hi Student123, I am going to study my butt off this next week.

    Jess, I got the ATI TEAS study guide so hopefully I can go into the test with some confidence. I am nervous though. I will apply for TCC this Summer if Weatherford doesn't work out. I am interested in the Weatherford program because their NCLEX pass rate was very high. I have a friend who went through the program there and really loved it. I would just be honored to get accepted at either school at this point. when do you take the TEAS?
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    yeah, i really liked that their nclex pass rate has been almost 100% for a while, really makes me feel positive i would be getting a great bunch of teachers! and all the information i could get as a student!

    i heard the ATI study guide is great, i just couldnt afford it we just got bits and pieces of it at my school as handouts! i really hope you do well!!!! good luck and let me know how it goes

    im not sure when i will take my test again, i wanna be completely confident before i take it again since its my last time i can take it for 6 months... so sometime before feb. but im going to try to take it before school starts up! i wont have much time to study with my school and work schedule once the semester starts!
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    oh and do you know where the clinical sites will be for the weatherford program? just asking since you said you had a friend just go through the program! im just curious as to where we will be going. i know granbury medical center is one.
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    Not sure about all clinical sites. I will have to ask my friend. She did mention doing a clinical in Wichita Falls for Psych. nursing but thats all I know of right now.

    I hope I do ok on the TEAS but it's good we get another chance if it doesn't go well. I am sure you will do great! By the way I got the ATI book from a friend for very cheap. I understand that it is very expensive. Hopefully when we become RNs we can be proud of the time and financial sacrifices we have made.

    Lets go for it!!!!
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