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hello! I searched the site and seen no one made a topic about the people trying to enter in Fall 2013 so here is it :up: I am applying to UTMB for Fall 2013. I've written my personal statement and filled in the application. Now... Read More

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    Anyone figure out what the login issues are about??? (I'm locked out too! )

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    Never mind just saw the other post. Will call tech support
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    Yep, had my password reset through tech support too. Looks like no early acceptence.. darn haha
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    Am I missing something? What is mystar???
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    I applied for UTMB BSN for Fall 2013 and My status is still "complete" in Mystar. is there any one get accepted? I am worried! Thank you!

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    Did you get accepted by UTMB? Tank you !
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    Hey guys I'm new to this thread, but wanted to wish everyone good luck who applied. I had no idea they changed the deadline to February. I hope it doesn't take them that much longer for them to make their decisions. I applied in December and the wait has been killing me! Hope to see you all this fall!
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    Hey ladies and gents! I've been low key following the forum & decided to go ahead and join! I'm so excited for this! I just really hope this school looks at the complete person as a whole versus other schools that strictly look at the test grade and GPA! Is there anyone staying in Dallas on the forum?
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    Onlywithfaith, I stay in the DFW area.
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    Can these months go any slower, i'm taking an EMT-B class right now because i'm really interested in working with trauma patients, has anyone considered taking patho at a different university to hope it transfers, i'm considering doing this during the summer, i've also applied to twu and many other places which prefer for you to take patho before entering the program. I just want to know already!!!!!!

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