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    UTMB Fall 2013

    I'm a little worried...My science Gpa on nursing cas is not too great. They factored in a D that I received in A&P II 10 years ago due to being unable to finish the semester because of military obligations. Of course, I should have dropped it at that time, but was young and irresponsible, etc. Anyway, does anyone know if UTMB will take that into consideration, since I have obviously taken that course again and scored a Much better grade. Also, I thought all science classes had to be within 5 years to be considered anyway, right? I plan on trying to call them tomorrow, but was wondering if this had happened to anyone else... a bad grade from a course that was taken a second time... Thanks!
  2. beckylynn_g

    UTMB Fall 2013

    Am I missing something? What is mystar???
  3. beckylynn_g

    Enter your TEAS V Scores here!!

    Program Type: ADN Adjusted Individual Total Score: 74.0% ATI Academic Preparedness Level: Proficient Mean - National: 64.3% Mean - Program: 64.9% Percentile Rank - National - 76 Percentile Rank - Program - 77 Reading Adjusted Individual Score 88.1% Mathematics A.I.S. 86.7% Science A.I.S. 52.1% English and Language Usage A.I.S. 76.7% Ok, so I have applied for a BSN program, but my program type on my test says ADN...? Does that make a difference? I took the test at a junior college that offers the ADN program only, so I assumed that was why it said that. The school I applied to didn't offer the Teas V in the time period that I needed to take it and their website only said to make sure you take version V, nothing about program type. Does anyone know if this could pose a problem with my application? Agghh! I'm worried now...