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HI! I am applying for the traditional BSN program at UTMB that starts Fall 2012. I am taking my TEAS this friday and I wanted to know if anyone else here is applying for the same semester. Hopefully there are others so I dont... Read More

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    I also haven't heard anything yet, and to be honest it's getting really frustrating and discouraging.

    In January I applied (on the same day) for two different schools, including UTMB. One school got back to me on March 9 with a decision (a rejection, unfortunately). That same day, UTMB called me to come in for an interview on March 13. At the time of that interview I was told to expect a decision in two to three weeks. Almost a month passed with no word before I got called for a second interview. Once again I dropped everything and made the trek to Galveston (and I don't live close by) to interview, at which time I was told to expect a decision in less than two weeks. Two weeks have now passed, and still nothing.

    I really want to attend UTMB, but at the moment it feels kind of like they're jerking me around.
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    @Andjography: Trust me, I know how you feel!!! I got accepted to another school also but my hearts belongs to UTMB.
    I guess "NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS"
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    Hi everyone! Just thought I would let anyone still waiting to hear or that has been wait listed know that I withdrew my acceptance at UTMB today. I will be attending UTHSC-Houston. This decision was definitely not an easy one but after thinking long and hard I ultimately felt UTHSC was a better fit for me! Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear back!!! Wish you all the best!
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    I received an e-mail of acceptance into the Fall 2012 BSN program! I was already pretty sure I was accepted because of what mystar said but it sure feels good to have the actual e-mail!
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    Congratulations 3xmom! Now if they would just get back to me. After multiple tries I finally got someone on the phone who didn't have anything to say to me other than "keep waiting."

    At the risk of jinxing myself, I'd even be happy with a rejection at this point, just to be out of this not-knowing limbo.
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    I also just got my acceptance email! Hopefully this will be a good semester, looking forward to meeting you guys and gals
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    <--csmcj's wife
    I didn't apply to UTMB / didn't get in. I posted a few times here asking for info.

    On his behalf, thanks for the positive words.
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    So...rejected. Trying to make sense of this, after all the hoops I've jumped through: 2 interviews in which I was told I was a good candidate (one interviewer ranked me "highly recommended"), an "Exemplary" TEAS V ranking (93.6 composite score; 100 on science alone), a decent GPA (not perfect, but certainly not bad; I've seen people with similar GPAs and lower TEAS scores get accepted or at least wait listed), what I was told was a good personal statement, and months of waiting. That may have been the worst; if they were just going to reject me, I wish they would have done it earlier instead of giving me months of hope only to turn around and crush that hope.

    I think I just need to take a few days to wallow then start getting ready for the Spring application cycle. Thanks everyone for the support.
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    I was waitlisted on April 12, and got accepted on May 3!
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    Quote from emilyelaine12
    I was waitlisted on April 12, and got accepted on May 3!
    congratulations! how did they contact you if I may ask?