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HI! I am applying for the traditional BSN program at UTMB that starts Fall 2012. I am taking my TEAS this friday and I wanted to know if anyone else here is applying for the same semester. Hopefully there are others so I dont... Read More

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    our schedule for the spring was as follow:
    MON: Patho form 9to 12 and Intro from 1 to 3
    WED: HA LAB with varying times
    Thur: ADult I lab
    THUR: Health Asst from 9 to 12 and Adult I from 1 to 4
    clinicals for me was one day on a sat each week!
    hope this helps a little!
    Labs were every other week

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    Hey guys and congrats to those who have been accepted!!! I just graduated and am looking to sell my scrubs. I have 2 shirts size small and XS and 2 small pants message me for more info.
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    Hey people who are attending in Fall! I have some books for sale.... send me a message if anyone is interested. A lot better prices than the book store
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    i still haven't received an e-mail but this is now in mystar, looks good, but i would really like to see the email to clarify whether this is an acceptance for the fall or if it is the wait list.
    we are pleased to grant you admission to the following program(s). note that once you accept or decline admission to a particular program it will no longer appear on this page. select the program you would like to accept or decline.
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    Looks like an admission to me...did you check your admission status in mystar? Is that where that is coming from? Sounds like congratulations are in order!
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    Quote from amymit
    looks like an admission to me...did you check your admission status in mystar? is that where that is coming from? sounds like congratulations are in order!
    i hope your right! i am just wondering if your accepted to the wait list though if it says the same thing? does anyone know? yes this is coming from my admission status in mystar where it usually says:

    you have no applications for admission. contact the office of admissions if you need further assistance.
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    Hey any wait listers heard anything??
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    I applied for UTMB fall 2012 MSN program back in December 2011. My application status has been complete since January and I haven't heard a thing from them! I'm almost wondering have they lost my application. Does it really take this long to hear something?
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    @yvfair- I'm not sure how the application process for the MSN program works, but a phone call wouldn't hurt.
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    I haven't heard anything yet. However, I got accepted to another school, but my heart says I belong to UTMB.

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