UTMB Accelerated Spring 2010

  1. Hey guys! I have applied for the Spring 2010 Accelerated Bachelors degree at UTMB and had some questions for people that are currently enrolled in the program or are applying to the program as well. What is your overall GPA and science GPA? How many students do they accept? How many people apply to the accelerated program? Do they have interviews? How long does it take them to look through the applications? Any information would help! Thanks!
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  3. by   toasterbell
    Hi! I'm just applying, not a student, but I want to know too. My overall is 3.1, science is 4.0, and prereqs are 3.55. I believe, from what I've seen on earlier forums, that the process is the same between the Bacc2 and regular BSN program. Some people got called to interviews and some just got a straight-up acceptance letter. Another rumour is that they should be sending out interview invites sometime in late August, but that sounds too good to be true. What do yours look like?
  4. by   NoctuNurseTXasap
    Hey fellow hopefuls,

    I applied to the Bacc2 as well. I was told the acceptance rate is about 50 of 200, but I don't know how many applications they received this time.

    My overall is 3.0, and I believe my prereqs and science are both around 3.5. I'm taking 19 hours of prereqs this semester and definitely plan to boost that GPA. Still waiting for my pin and such. Did you all receive yours?

    Best wishes for us all ,

  5. by   alexemt
    Hello everyone. I am not sure if by accelerated you mean the Bacc2 or the class I am in. I started May of this year and we are considered accelerated because you finish the program in 15 months. We do not have a break so to speak. Well unless you consider these 2 weeks off! Anyhow, I have heard that this semester is the last that they will offer the 2 year program and everything from then on will be the 15 month. It is pretty intense and can't imagine doing the Bacc2. In the Bacc2 students take 21+ hrs a semester. This past semester we took 16 hours. Bacc2 does it in 3 semesters, we do it in 4. Summer, Fall, Spring, Summer. As for the process yes there was an interview. They are pretty flexible though. I was previously in the ADN program and could not make the interview on the set date. They were kind enough to do a phone interview for me. I would only ask for that as a last resort though. They accepted 60 students. We lost some and also gained some. Gained some in the form of Bacc2 students that didn't pass one of their classes. They say the min. GPA is a 2.75, but in all honesty the lowest overall GPA that I have heard in the class was a 3.2. Most people are pretty open about it because they are in the program, but you can take that with a grain of salt. Mine personally was a 3.5 overall, 3.7 in prereqs and a 4.0 in sciences. The Bacc2 is even more competitive. Its funny though, in our class we have people from all walks of life. We have one fantastic lady that has a doctorate in genetics, one that is/was a surgeon in China, alot of teachers, etc.. I have absolutely enjoyed every moment. I started the ADN program at San Jac and was pleasantly surprised when I got accepted. By far the learning environment is at least 10x better at UTMB. Don't pass up the opportunity to go if you get it. The application process was alittle chaotic and disorganized but just bare with it. I applied 2x and the third time I got in (when least expected) and don't regret one moment. If you apply to the Bacc2 and do not get accepted it will default into the general pool of applicants. How many there was I have no idea. We didnt have to take an pretest like the NET test or the ATI, however once we were in they had us take the ATI entrance exam. My guess is that they may start requiring it soon. Hope that helps alittle. Good luck!
  6. by   toasterbell
    Thank you so much for the info. I believe we all applied to the Bacc2 (yup, totally nuts). I sure hope they are a little forgiving on the GPA. Heck, at the end of this semester I'll have 70 straight hours of straight A's, and yet I'll still have less than a 3.2 GPA :-(. If I could go back and kick myself, I would SO do it. I can't believe how hard it is to overcome early-college laziness.
  7. by   NoctuNurseTXasap
    Thanks so much for the info, Alex! I'm glad you are so pleased with the program, and it sounds like you are doing really well. It was good of you to share your experiences with us hopefuls. :wink2:

    Toasterbell, I'm sure the 70 hours of straight A's more than compensates for errors long past. I'm in a similar, but inferior boat, with good grades of late but poor ones way back.
  8. by   toasterbell
    I sure hope so, but I'm starting to feel rather hopeless about it. I'm sure that's just because we're getting close to the interview letters being sent out, but still...
  9. by   akn8ive
    Have you guys heard anything more? I still haven't gotten an interview date or decline letter.
  10. by   virginiadawn2
    Apparently it's still going to be a few more weeks before they send out interview letters..........
  11. by   navyblink
    hey guys im a senior nursing student in the BSN graduating this spring 2010. When I got in the numbers looked like this around 700 applied they interviews roughly 150 and accepted roughlu 50. My gpa in sciences was a 4.0 with an overall 3.7. To be honest grades are important but to me its the essay that really set you apart. After that its the interview UTMB really likes well rounded students and I can tell that becuase of the questions they asked in the interview.
  12. by   navyblink
    ohh yea in terms of acceptance letters you might get an interview in Novermber. UTMB is kinda slow when its come to the interview and notifying people business. I wish all of you good luck! Youre making a great career choice and UTMB is a great school even after the hurricane
  13. by   akn8ive
    Got my e-mail today saying I have an interview for this Friday!!!....Tried to call to schedule my appointment and got a message saying the school is closed due to the AC not working . Did anybody else have this problem?
  14. by   NoctuNurseTXasap
    Congrats akn! I heard they are having A/C problems; if they don't get back to you tomorrow I bet they will resched for next week. I didn't get an email, unfortunately.

    Oh and thanks for all the info NavyBlink!