UTMB Accelerated BSN Summer 2013 - page 10

The application opened for this program just opened the other day, and I wanted to see if I could reach out to anyone else applying! I've submitted my application, and took the TEAS V Test this... Read More

  1. by   haveadam
    Does anyone know how long UTMB's accelerated program is? Their site says it's 3 semesters so I'm guessing it runs from May 2013 - May 2014 but I wasn't sure.
  2. by   haniak
    I've been accepted to another school, but I'm still waiting to hear from UTMB. I haven't been contacted for an interview yet either. I think asking students to keep waiting until March to hear an answer is kinda cutting it close, especially since the program starts in May :X
  3. by   disperado75
    I am still waiting too, I am crossing all the fingers in my body to be called a lot of students got accepted in both UTMB and UTHSCSA , hopefully those students can stopb being selfish and let either one of the school about where they attend to study, because they are HOLDING seat that can be used by any one of us who is in the waiting list...


  4. by   idreamofjeannie_71
    I agree with the two previous posts. A lot of personal arrangements have to be made in advance, so waiting until just two months before classes start is cutting it very close. Also, I only applied to one school and hope to get into UTMB. If you got accepted to UTMB are still waiting on your "first choice" (and it's not UTMB), be grateful, as some of us are still playing the waiting game.

    disperado75 - I'm also having an issue with mystar, so don't worry. I think it's a technical problem on their end.
  5. by   clementine17
    If anyone is having problems with mystar try the original password utmb sent.
  6. by   tru4u
    My Star is back up
  7. by   PepperedSushi
    I interviewed on 1/23 and just today mystar changed to admitted for me. Talk about anxiety levels going through the roof. Good luck to those still waiting and for those already admitted is there a fb page out there?
  8. by   Sarah-Aggie2013
    Does anyone know what the results of the titer tests should look like on the Immunization Form? Do we just put the date we got lab work done and then: immune or not immune?

    And Congrats to everyone else who has recently been accepted!

  9. by   aggie2013

    I had just had the nurse attach a signed copy of the form they fill out for tb results stapled along with the form utmb provided. I hope that will work.

    I know we have to do a background check- after April 11th right? Did they say anything about a drug screening- I feel like we should have to submit one but I do not recall reading about it. I need to go back and look at all of the info. So much to take in! But I can not complain!

    Is any one considering living in the dorms? Since our program is just one year I think I could stick it out.

    ALSO: has anyone received anything about tuition payments or deposits? I would just hate to miss turning something in.

    Congrats to everyone.
  10. by   DeeGeeNurse2Be
    Congrats to everyone. I still haven't heard anything since my interview, but fingers still crossed. Is anyone else's Mystar not working? I checked it earlier but now I can't get in.
  11. by   DeeGeeNurse2Be
    Ok disregard that message. I can now access Mystar.
  12. by   UHGradNurse2Be
    Congratulations to everyone that has been accepted to the program! I am still waiting for an e-mail, letter in the mail or the MyStar status to change to a green check. At this point, I am starting to doubt my acceptance. Maybe no news is good news and I will hear something last minute (wishful thinking). Does anyone know for sure if we are supposed to hear something by March 1? The deadline is approaching.....very anxiously waiting!
  13. by   DeeGeeNurse2Be
    I'm assuming we should hear accept, deny or waitlisted by March 1st. It seems like they've already sent out most acceptances. The deadline to respond to those were Feb. 25th. So for those that didn't accept it opened up a few more spots for acceptance. I guess once they get that figured out they will let the rest of us know wether we are waitlisted or denied. Did you submit an application for their traditional track as well?