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The application opened for this program just opened the other day, and I wanted to see if I could reach out to anyone else applying! I've submitted my application, and took the TEAS V Test this morning! I graduated Texas... Read More

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    Ahhhh! I had an interview on Jan. 16, but I don't think it was with the same lady as most of you previosuly mentioned. I wonder if who interviews us has anything to do with how long it takes to hear back? I'm still waiting patiently and checking mystar daily in hopes of seeing some good news! I got accepted into UTHSC SA but would love to go to UTMB for numerous reasons!
    Congrats to everyone who's already heard back!!

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    Yay I got my acceptance email! So excited! Congrats to everyone else who has gotten accepted. And good luck to everyone else still waiting for interviews and acceptance letters!
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    Congrats to everyone that's been accepted! That's awesome I have my interview tomorrow since I was unable to I interview last week and I'm a never wreck!!
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    ...and by my last post I meant "nervous wreck" I guess I shouldn't work and post on here at the same time. lol. Anyone else receive acceptance letters or an update on their Mystar?
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    I did NOT get any email ...I applied on November, Do you think I sould call ???
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    Did you get an email with your supplemental application information? If not you need to call. If you just didn't get an interview email that's still ok. You don't have to interview in order to get accepted and they are supposably accepted to untill March.
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    i know my luck...my application will be rejected
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    i know that, however my teas score is horrible, veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad ....but thanks for trying to boost my confidence
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    Well the good thing about UTMB is that they look at the student as a whole. Not juts grades. I would give them a call. It can't hurt!
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    I received my acceptance by email and I'm super happy! Any idea if we can postpone the acceptance cause I'm waiting to hear from another school and they don't send out letters until March..

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