UTHSCSA Fall 2012

  1. 0 Hello Everyone,

    With the deadline date very close, hope everyone is feeling less stress and now we all have to play the waiting game. Good luck to everyone who is applying for UTHSCSA fall 2012!
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    Moved for more of a response.
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    I was wondering if this is the only thread for UTHSCSA Fall 2012?

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    i was wondering if this is the only thread for uthscsa fall 2012?
    pretty sure someone posted another one at some point, probably because no one has been posting in these threads lol, which shocks me after having read the previous years' threads.

    anyway...good luck! has anyone received a supplemental application yet? they said they would be going out in early/mid-february.
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    I know! I've been browsing through last years thread constantly. That's why i sent that message to see if there is anyone out there applying. I felt alone, lol. I haven't received a supplemental application. Just a TEAS invite in January and a confirmation email that they've received my score, and that was sent to me yesterday. It said in the email that they will be sending them out mid-February and admissions decision in mid-March. :spin:

    Good luck to you and all who apply!
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    I keep checking my trash mail cause I'm so nervous that it will accidentally get put in there! I guess they're going with mid Feb. rather than early! haha Best of luck to everybody!
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    Me too, lol.
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    i e-mailed a lady about something and she included that supplemental apps are going out next week! eeeek!
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    Hello prospective students!

    I been browsing through UTHSC SA's threads as well. But now that I see ppl on here I want to join! I am a current TWU student. I applied to TWU, UTMB, UTHSC SA, & UTA. If accepted here, I would have to take Chemistry II in the summer ugh! It sucks because this is the only nursing school I applied to that requires an additional chemistry course.

    I haven't received my supplemental app either, but I'll be looking out for it next week! Good luck to all!!
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    I also applied to TWU, UTMB, and UT- houston. I wanted to apply to UTA, but I was too late for the fall. So i'm hoping one of these other schools accept me.

    I suppose next week the supplemental applications will be sent out since this week is over. I'm really anxious to hear from them. Been checking my email and all nurses several times a day. But will take a break from checking this weekend, lol.
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    I think they had yesterday off from school... so today would be the earliest day we'd hear something! I'm on here and checking my email constantly in anticipation!! Good luck to everybody!
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    Hi all! I emailed today and now I'm nervous! The reply said they've had a record number of applicants for Fall 2012, so it is taking longer than expected to get the supplemental application, but they said it should be this week. Good luck!
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    Have you received your supplemental application yet they said they would send them out mid Fed?

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