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Hello everyone! This thread is for everyone applying to the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. I believe they will be accepting applications from January 15-April 1, so the sooner... Read More

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    Hey guys, ive been following this thread for a while and just decided to join in..

    I also applied for the upcoming fall, and Im really nervous about getting in. I decided very last minute to pursue nursing and inadvertently put all my eggs in one basket. So hopefully I get in.. lol I think I now have rheumatoid arthritis cuz Ive had my fingers crossed since january.. lol

    By the looks of y'alls stats, this is a really competitive group. Just had one question: Are you guys posting the conversion scores?
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    What's a conversion score? The scores I posted are just the ones that are on my transcript from the school I currently attend. I have no yet received a transcript evaluation so if the GPAs change on that, then I do not know what my accurate GPA is!
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    Yeah what is a conversion score? This is the first I am hearing of it
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    Are you talking about a conversion score for the HESI? That's the only one I know of and I don't think that it's used. If that's not it, then what conversion score? We all seem to be in the dark here.
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    Yea I was talking about the conversion score for each component of the HESI that is scaled: 0-100...

    BUT FORGET I said anything, I was looking at my scores on my phone and for some reason the chart was displaying the Avg. HESI scores under the conversion score column[ on the Evolve site: selecting the + next to the Admission Assessment Report]

    :bowingpurSorry for the confusion.. haha
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    No problem.
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    Hey Guys,
    I have not been on here in awhile, been so busy with school! I'm anxious to get back our results but my plans have changed, so if I do get an acceptance letter then there will be one more seat open. I have decided to move to Fort Worth to be closer to my family in order for them to help me with my children when I start nursing school. I'm applying to UT-Arlington now. I wish their program was like UTHSC though, UTA makes you take Pharm, Patho, and Intro. to Nursing at their school BEFORE you can start their program. I've already taken Pharm and made an A in it at Lone Star, so I am meeting with an advisor at the end of March to see if I can get them to approve it. They also have more prereq requirements like college algebra and english literature. It sucks because I have to take those courses (except college algebra, that I already took) before I even know if I get in!!!! So, I got to start this process over again to apply to UTA Spring 2013, but will be taking those other courses this fall there. It will be worth the wait though in order to have the support system that I will get back home! Pray for me!!
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    best of luck!
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    Best wishes and God bless nici0513!
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    Sorry to hear that nici, best of luck to you. I myself, unfortunately, might have to give up my spot if I get it.
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    Best of luck Nici! I know how you feel. My husband's company has been throwing around the idea of a transfer. At the moment I am digging in my heels and saying no; however, that salary pays the bills so ultimately we will have to do what they want. Definitely not an added stress I need right now! Come on UT make a decision so we can all get on with it!!
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    Best of luck to each of you. I know the waiting is hard
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    hey katy! how are you finding your first semester?

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