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  1. 0 First off let me introduce myself. My name is Phillip and am pretty excited to have joined this forum (i belong to probably 15 automotive boards). Will be taking my last class for my pre-reqs in a couple of weeks and trying to get into the LVN program. My question is what does the BON really consider offenses that will keep them from approving you. The school i will be attending makes you get approval prior to starting school so that you dont waste your time and money then finish and they say no. Ive read everything on the state website and I would qualify for approval. Do any of you guys have knowledge of their modus operandi? I sent the declatory statement in with payment and then got a letter back saying to send in an additional $150 fee for it to go to the next level. Oh and im crossing my fingers and hoping that everything goes well and that i one day get to become a nurse.
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    I can't help you too much on your question... but I belong to several automotive forums also- main one being G35Driver. I'm a mechanic gone RN!
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    yeah thats what is happening here. painter turning nurse.
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    From what I have been able to discern, the BON approves most applicants (many times with stipulations). There is a list of so-called "minor" offenses. And it all depends of course on whether you were convicted (includes deferred disposition/adjudication, no contest and cases where you've had an order of non-disclosure).

    For the January 17-18, 2008 meeting of the Texas Board of Nursing (formerly the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners), attorney and general counsel Dusty Johnson presented an informational report on the Board’s policy in regards to minor criminal infractions and licensing. Of particular interest for current and future Texas nurses, the report provides a list of crimes which the Board has deemed to be too minor to warrant an investigation or disciplinary order in connection with a license application or renewal. Following the mandate of Chapter 53 of the Texas Government Code, the BON (BNE) recognizes that there are some forms of criminal conduct which are not sufficiently related to nursing to bring into question the licensee’s competency. Specifically, the listed criminal offenses are compared to the Board’s own Rule 213.28(i) concerning “youthful indiscretions.” Also of note is the finding that the Nursing Board now annually investigates approximately 3000 “positive hits” resulting from the standard FBI criminal background check required of all license applicants.
    The criminal offenses considered not to be sufficiently related to the practice of nursing as to warrant an investigation or disciplinary action are:

    1. One misdemeanor DWI/DUI (not on probation)
    2. One misdemeanor offense of possession of marijuana
    3. Up to two misdemeanor theft by check
    4. One misdemeanor domestic/family violence
    5. One misdemeanor theft over $20 less than $250 (normally assoc. with shoplifting)
    6. One misdemeanor shop lifting
    7. One misdemeanor criminal mischief
    8. Misdemeanor graffiti
    9. One misdemeanor criminal trespass
    10. One misdemeanor disorderly conduct
    11. Up to two misdemeanor Public Intoxication
    12. Up to two misdemeanor Pan Handling
    13. Misdemeanor “loud noise” violations
    14. One misdemeanor Reckless Driving
    15. Misdemeanor minor in possession of tobacco
    16. One misdemeanor selling alcohol to a minor
    17. Failure to appear
    18. Vehicular molestation (slashing tires)

    However, if you have been convicted (or arrested) for more serious offenses, see below:

    Chapter 301.4535 of the Texas Nursing Practice Act states that the Texas Board of Nursing must suspend or refuse to initially license any nurse / applicant who has been initially convicted of:

    • Murder under 19.02, capital murder under 19.03, or manslaughter under 19.04 of the Texas Penal Code;
    • Kidnapping or unlawful restraint under 20 of the Penal Code, when the offense was punished as a felony or state jail felony;
    • Sexual Assault under 22.011 of the Penal Code;
    • Aggravated Sexual Assault under 22.021
    • Continuous sexual abuse of a young child or children under 21.02, or indecency with a child under 21.11 of the Penal Code;
    • Aggravated Assault under Section 22.021 of the Penal Code:
    • Intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly injuring a child, elderly individual, or disabled individual under 22.04 of the Penal Code;
    • Intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly abandoning or endangering a child under 22.041 of the Penal Code;
    • Aiding suicide under 22.08 when the offense was punished as a state jail felony;
    • An offense under 25.07 of the Penal Code that was punished as a felony;
    • An offense under 25.071 of the Penal Code that was punished as a felony;
    • An agreement to abduct a child from custody under 25.031 of the Penal Code;
    • The sale or purchase of a child under 25.08 of the Penal Code;
    • Robbery under 29.02 of the Penal Code;
    • Aggravated Robbery under 29.03 of the Penal Code;
    • An offense for which a defendant is required to register as a sex offender under Chapter 62 of the Code of Criminal Procedure; or
    • An offense under the law of another state, federal law, or the Uniform Code of Military Justice that contains elements that are substantially similar to the elements of an offense listed in this subsection.

    Hope that helps.
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    actually it does. i had scrolled through their lengthy list of infractions and from what i took away from it was that i would get a green light. but when they send me that letter i was like oh man. i just i will just sit tight until they get back to me. thanks for the reply, really helps with my nerves knowing they more than likely will say yes but with stipulations. thanks for your help. take care and god bless.
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    i am going through now waiting to get my ATT to test was told i would now something in 30 days that was not true now told would have to be sent to enforcement department and that could take 3 to 6 months....and mine was check by theft that happening when I was 19
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    Yup, me too. I have almost finished 3 months and it is still in review. So, I guys I might be halfway done!!!
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    Quote from Mmmm Gas
    I can't help you too much on your question... but I belong to several automotive forums also- main one being G35Driver. I'm a mechanic gone RN!
    Yeah! Same here! Good to see someone else on the boards appreciates being out of the sun in air conditioning as much as I do.
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    what if you have two different things in the not significant area. (ex. one possesion of marijuana, and one theft 25 to 25o)
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    i know this is old but were you convicted for the theft by check? or was it dismissed? what was the amount and how long did it take for them to investigate you?
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    Quote from icecream_31689
    i know this is old but were you convicted for the theft by check? or was it dismissed? what was the amount and how long did it take for them to investigate you?
    The member who mentioned the theft by check offense has not logged onto the site in more than four years (August 2010), so the chance of receiving a response from her is slim to none.