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Texas nursing jurisprudence examination

  1. 0 I'm eligible to take the NJE for texas and am considering enrolling in the prep course. Did anyone who has taken the exam complete the course? did you find it helpful? Has anyone taken the exam w/o taking the prep course?? was the exam as intense as the NCLEX-RN?? Replies will be most appreciated
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    The jurisprudence exam is nothing compared to NCLEX. I graduated from out of state so I did the online prep course. It is more of an explanation of how to navigate the BON website and it gives you papers with quick links which you should use during your test. For me it was worth it because I was already stressed and spending all of my time studying for NCLEX but its defiantly not necessary as the test gives you a lot of time and you are allowed to surf the BON website to look up answers during the exam.
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    Good looks meggo...i noticed that they give you ample time to complete the exam but I didn't know if it was one of thsoe deals where they make the exam extra hard BECAUSE you have ample time and the option to review resources during the exam... thanks again

    PS hope you find something soon ( if you havent found anything already).i understand what you're going through...I graduated in Dec 2010 and am running into the same problems
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    I took the exam in December. I did not sign up for any related courses. All the info that you need to pass the exam is on the website, and there's plenty of time to search for it.
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    Just took it today....SO EASY!! Seriously. One of the easiest (THE easiest), most common sense nursing related tests I ever took. You will be fine.
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    It's easy. Most of it is common sense, the rest you have time to look up the answers. Even if you fail, you can retake it again every 10 days.
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    Thanks everyone for the insight, I'm sure it will prove to be helpful
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    I took the prep course and found it to be helpful. It definitely does help you learn how to navigate through the Texas BON. It gives you an overview and help you understand the different topics being tested. 2 hours is plenty of time and knowing where to refer to on the website will help. GOOD LUCK!
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    I did not take the prep course. I did not study for the jurisprudence exam. Guess what? I passed on my first attempt because this test is written at a sixth grade level. The questions are so very commonsense. In addition, since it is an open-book exam, you can look up answers on the Texas BON website if you encounter a confusing question.

    Do not waste your time or money on a prep course. This test is easy!
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    Ok, so the jurisprudence exam's not too difficult? Say one wishes to spend $25 to take the online prep course anyway. How long does the online prep course take to complete? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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    The jurisprudence exam was the easiest test I ever took in nursing school. Not to mention that it's open book. Just have a copy of the TNPA with you when you take it. I didn't even look at the book though, it was way common sense. Nobody in my class failed it.
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    Like the other commenters stated, the exam is very easy. There are no trick questions. You'll do fine!.
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    Do not waste your money and take the prep course! Overall the jurisprudence exam is very easy and is mostly common sense. It is also "open note" so you can utilize the TXBON while you take the exam. There were some things that I had trouble searching for and you have to get a little creative with the search words, but other than that it was very easy

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