Should I be going for my ADN or BSN?

  1. Hello!
    I am working on my prereqs currently and have yet to apply to an actual nursing program. I was informed the best option would be to go for my associates in nursing at Brookhaven, and after working as an RN for a little bit, apply to the TWU online RN to BSN program.

    To obtain my ADN at Brookhaven I do not need the classes such as government, history, math, philosophy, or sociology. I am wondering if I should go ahead and take those for when I apply to the RN-BSN program or if I will be okay?

    But should I even do this route (ADN at Brookhaven then go back to get BSN) or should I just go ahead and take more prereqs at Brookhaven to apply to the full BSN program at TWU?

    My advisers at school have been no help so I am hoping someone can explain what the best choice really is!!! I hope I am explaining this correctly. I'm completely lost and stressed!
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  3. by   L&DRN03
    Most hospitals now have the option of being choosy and are not considering ADN nurses for new hires. For better job opportunities I would go the BSN route.
  4. by   turnforthenurse
    Definitely go the BSN route. Most hospitals nowadays are looking for BSN-prepared new grads, or they may accept a new grad with an ADN currently enrolled in a BSN program.
  5. by   fthibodeaux
    I'm at TWU pursuing the BSN route. The program is hard but worth it and I can honestly tell you from having been in the hospitals I have yet to meet an LVN during my clinical rotations. The hospitals just aren't hiring them. Good luck. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or post here.
  6. by   LuvPug23
    I would love any info you can give me about TWU. I'm hoping to start school again in fall and have about 5 pre reqs I need. I really want my BSN (already have AA) and was planning on going to TWU nursing dept to talk to them about best way to do things. This site will not let me PM you since I dont have 15 posts or something. I would love it if you would msg me!
  7. by   fthibodeaux
    [font=times]i'm not entirely sure what information you want but feel free to email me anytime but i may not get back to you until after wednesday of this week, by then i'll have finals done for the end of my junior 2 semester. you can email me at my username above

  8. by   tyvin
    BSN...good luck
  9. by   mee9mee9
    Are asn being hired at nursing homes