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  1. She was IVF so I'm guessing the dates were pretty accurate. It's an unfortunate situation but we can't attempt to save every baby by putting mother's health on the line. I felt that they should have made her as comfortable as possible and let what will inevitably happen anyway. My facility just attempted this a few weeks ago when we magged a 22wkr that SROM and she got infected not to mention her mg level rose to a 9. I'd hate to see a rise in maternal mortality when trying to save non-viable babies.
  2. 18wks gestation, 4cm dilated, ?ROM placed on magnesium sulfate drip. Was completely dumbfounded and appalled but curious what others think and what would you do if this was your patient?
  3. L&DRN03

    What do you wear to work?

    We are required to wear navy blue scrubs but the hospital does not supply them except to OR's.
  4. L&DRN03

    shortened cervix and length of stay

    This is an epidemic at my hospital. Most stay until 34wks unless they have advanced dilitation then they stay until they deliver. Main reason we have so many is because we're a big city teaching hospital and we aquire many transfers from small rural hospitals with no NICU. Some of our patients live hours away and so they stay and stay and stay...
  5. L&DRN03

    Magnesium Sulfate Policy in your hospital

    We usually do 4gm loading doses for PIH and 6gm for PTL then going to a maintenance does of 2gm/hr. Vital signs including pulse ox Q1hr and mag/neuro checks Q4hr. Mag level drawn Q6hrs until mg d/c'd. While the pt is still pregnant continous EFM so they do not leave L&D. If they are PP they either go to AP or PP with a 1:2 or 1:3pt ratio with the other pts being low acuity. Oh and forgot hourly I&O's too.
  6. L&DRN03

    Question regarding patient ratio with Magnesium pts

    Same where I am.
  7. L&DRN03

    At long last...

    Terrific news! Congrats,
  8. L&DRN03

    Your thoughts on the nursing jurisprudence examination?

    I stressed unnecessarily over this test as well. It's was a breeze a total common sense test. I searched the internet for answers to maybe 2 or 3 questions. Didn't do any preparation beforehand and I passed.
  9. L&DRN03


    Anyone familiar with them? I'm assuming it's similar to Group One since they are doing a background check but the information they require seems a little excessive. I filled out a form yesterday so they could do a background check on me basically asking my previous employments for the last 7yrs, name, maiden name, schooling, SS#, etc... Well today I get an email and an automated phone call telling me they need further assistance verifying my previous employer and are requiring the following: Our client is asking that you supply documentation that verifies both the start and end dates of your employment. Acceptable forms of documentation may include W-2 forms or pay stubs or 1099 forms. Another contact name and number of an authorized party that is currently employed with the company that can verify your employment. A signed disclosure and consent form. If you provided us with an email address, you should find a copy of a consent form in your email inbox. If you did not provide us with an email address, please visit http://www.hireright.com/applicantrelease/ to print a copy. I can understand the need for a signed consent form (i had electronically signed one in the form I filled out yesterday) but with that and the main hospital # why are they having such a hard time verifying my employment. They have my social security #, my maiden and married name and my permission to poke around my business. Why do the need a W2 or pay stubs?
  10. L&DRN03

    Are the positions at Baylor real?

    I got the same reponse when I first applied, I'm thinking they never even glanced at my resume before they sent that auto response. Well I have to say is persistance is key. 6 was my lucky number it seems. That's the # of times I've applied for positions in my specialty over the course of 12mths. On the 6th try I was finally called in for an interview and as of last week I was offered the position! I've never in my life had to work so hard to get a job, let's hope it's worth it!
  11. If this was the scenario it blows my mind that an ultrasound was never verified for a fetal demise.
  12. L&DRN03

    Can RN's Place IUPC in Texas?

    I honestly don't think so either but not positive one way or the other. One of the reasons why I elected not to get checked off on it.
  13. L&DRN03

    Can RN's Place IUPC in Texas?

    I know in my hospital they allow RN's to place IUPC's if the patient is already ruptured (not allowed to AROM). It's a special skill you have to get checked off on so not everyone does it.
  14. L&DRN03

    Calling all Mothers!!

    Have you tried KidsPark? It's a drop in daycare so it's an hourly fee. I've used them sporatically for the last year when I'm in a bind because I don't need regular child care and my daughter lights up when she gets there. There was one incident when she fell and got kind of a rug burn on her forehead, when I arrived to pick her up they had a full report sheet on the incident for me to review. I have been very pleased with them.
  15. L&DRN03

    Are the positions at Baylor real?

    Forgot to update, another position opened which I applied for and I finally did get called for an interview which was today! I think it went well so we shall see...