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    Hi! I applied for Sac's spring 08 nursing program. Has anyone who has applied had any trouble getting info from the nursing program? I never received an acceptance OR a rejection letter. I can not get a hold of anyone to talk to. I leave messages and get no responses. When I have gone to the school all I get is "the run around".
    Anyone have any advice?
    I do not have eneough pre-reqs to apply to a bsn school and I do not know of any other asn school in San Antonio.

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    Moved to the Texas Forum for better responses. Good luck to you!
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    Before I got my ADN from a nursing school in Ohio, I must have applied at SAC at least 6 times and I never ever got a response. I went thru the entire process, including talking with a school advisor and a nursing dpmt advisor, but it didn't help. I felt like my app was getting the File 13 treatment. I gave up on that school. I suspect they get a few thousand apps each year and can be choosy. My GPA was really high and my pre-reqs were done years before applying. I also had lots of LVN experience. It didn't matter at all. Best of luck to you.

    St. Phillip's has an ADN program. It is part the the Alamo Community College district that SAC is part of. There are 3 other community colleges that are part of that district, and they might also have nursing schools.
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    Hello, I am starting my last semester at San Antonio College on Monday!! First of all, I hope you have a really high GPA!! You also need to have most if not all of your pre-reqs finished. There are tons of applicants each semester and limited slots available. Competition is fierce. If you applied to start in Jan. and have not heard anything yet, you probably wont get in this time around. Last semester I heard that they were starting new classes 4 times per year instead of just 2, but I dont know if they still are. I can tell you that they are going through a lot of changes right now and everyone there seems overworked and over stressed! (including the students!) So it could be that they havent had time to return calls. They do that to existing students as well. All I can say is keep trying and good luck!!
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    hey there, im a fellow sac student, i was wondering if u got accepted into the nursing program at sac, ur message was posted back in january, how did everythg go?
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    :wink2:Hellow fellow sac students, im also attending sac right now and hoping to get into the nursing program...if anybody here got accepted into the program, any advice on what to do to better our chances into getting in?
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    I'm still waiting to hear from Sac. I heard they will be letting people know if they are accepted mid May. Someone told me they do not send out "sorry, you did not get in" letters which makes sence because I never heard anything from them last semester. My GPA is a 3.6 so i'm feeling good about it (but i'm getting my hopes up).
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    Good luck to all of you applying!! I graduate May 10, last day of school is tomorrow! Be ready, nursing school is a challenge!
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    Thanks Mandee! Did you like SAC? Can you tell me what a normal week was like for you there, such as were you roughly there from 8-3 or did it change daily etc... And any pointers would be great! Thanks and Congrats!
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    SAC was ok. I have to warn you that the first level instructors seem to be the most "out to get you". If you can make it through Fundamentals and Med/Surg 1, the rest isnt so bad, (instructor wise). For the first semester, we went to school 2 days a week but I cant remember how many hours I think it was only 4 hours in class and 1 day in clinical which was about 6 hours. You start clinicals right away so be ready. Then it's on to med/surg 1, then to med/surg 2 and mental health. Try to take your med/surg 2 right after med/surg 1, because it makes it a little easier than if you throw mental health in between them. Then, you are on to ob and pedi. Then critical care and management. You may want to look at rate my professors to get an idea of who to pick. Your first level classes are assigned to you, and after that, you are on your own picking your instructors. All I can say is study, study, study! I actually thought that med/surg 2 was the hardest class, so be ready for that, it was the one that more people failed than any other class. Good luck!! If you need to know anything specific, let me know. -Mandee
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