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    Hi all,

    can anyone tell me what is the hourly pay for a new grad in texas? and has anyone worked in eagle pass or uvalde texas?

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    Eagle Pass is around $24 to $25 per hour. If you goto Chrystal City, TX the pay will prolly be more.
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    There's a REASON pay is so high in Eagle Pass -- I'm just sayin'.
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    Hi HouTX...$24-$25 is not high pay, I know RN's in Cali gets paid $40 to start! But I guess the cost of living is less in Texas compared to Cali....EP should really consider paying more if they want to keep their good RN's....i'm just sayin' ^^
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    If you goto EP as a new grad you will make around 24ish, but if you have experience you should be able to get 40 an hour without too much problems. If you do decide to work in eagle pass just live in Del Rio, TX and commute to work.
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    Hi Fathertod,

    why in del rio?
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    1) there should be more and better housing in Del Rio (there is an air force base there)2) there is a little bit more to do in Del Rio, plus there is an ok lake there 3) Some parts of Eagle Pass can be bad to live inHowever, the drive from Del Rio to Eagle Pass can take around an hour each way so it depends on your preferences obviously. Are you moving there for your first job or something?
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    For HouTx,

    What do you mean with "there is a REASON the pay in Eagle Pass is that high?"
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    Fathertod: nah...was going to consider MAYBE, but after the research I've done, EP is eliminated...
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    please can someone help me out. i am a nurse in chicago and im looking to move to the houston area to look for a job i already have experience. can someone help me out im not interested in the downtown area of houston. what hospitals are hiring and what is the pay like in houston. or is there a better place that houston that pays well? i need help

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