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  1. rayj

    RN hourly rate

    What kind of research did you do on eagle pass, tx. Is it a bad place? How r the people? Etc? Plese let me know. I was offered an interview on site at the hospital facility and now im starting to second guess because alot of ppl were saying its such a shady place?
  2. hello. i wanted to ask if i were to take a part time rehab position as a new grad in a hospital setting, will I still be hard for me to transfer toa med-surg floor or any unit after a year experience? Wil is till be considered as a new grad even though i am in a hospital setting?
  3. rayj

    Rehab Nursing- New Grad

    i agree.. i do not want to start my nursing career in a rehab unit in a hospital because I am scared it may be used against me as I do not want to stick with rehab my whole life. Is working in a rehab unit counted as acute experience, because eventually I would like to be a ER nurse.

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