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Renewal of RN License

  1. 0 I became an RN in Texas in August, 2011. I moved overseas last year and have never worked as RN in States. My license expires in Sept, 2013 and I was wondering about continuing educations requirement. How many hrs of cont Ed do I have to complete to maintain my license? What other requirements to keep my license active and current? Any info is highly appreciated. Thanks,
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    If you go to the BON website all of that information is readily listed and easy to find. It is also much more reliable than asking a board of strangers from around the globe who may or may not have your best interests at heart. Never get information from a secondary source when it comes to your license. Do your own research.
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    Texas requires 20 contact hours. Continuing Competency: Lifelong Learning

    You do not have to submit proof unless you are selected for audit, which is why you need to meet your CNE requirements. Failure to comply will result in a fine.
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    If this is your very first renewal, you do not need to complete any CEUs.