Questions about Seton Versant RN Residency in Austin - page 18

I have just been accepted into the Seton RN residency and can answer any questions you may have. I will also be creating a post throughout my experience in the residency. Ask away!... Read More

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    Nope, nothing.
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    me either
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    They were supposed to send them over the weekend. Maybe if nothing comes by the end of the day I could try calling tomorrow? The open house is just around the corner!
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    I got mine today. I was in class all day, so just got back and completed the directions in the email. Wish I could have had it completed before end of HR's work day, but happy to get it in nonetheless. Whew!
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    Yes I got mine today too. What did you end up applying for? It's so exciting!
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    It was hard to narrow it down, esp since there were so many ICU positions. I went for locations I would prefer, a few ICUs and a few positions within the spectrum of my skill set to hopefully increase my chances. Even if I can't get what I want specifically, I will settle for something close to it...At the end of the day, esp. as a graduate nurse, I just want a J-O-B...and then I will just work my way from the inside, lol. How about you?
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    I applied to some ED positions, based on location preference. I also threw in a med/surg and tele just in case I hope I have a decent chance in landing an interview. You'll have to let me know when you applications have been "routed" so I can throw some good vibes your way! Good Luck!
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    Same to you! Good luck as well.
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    So did you guys do 2 different applications? One for the graduate nurse requisition and then another for the different units? I thought the directions were kind of confusing! I ended up applying for ICUs, tele, med-surg, trauma and still have 2 spots left open because I cant decide what else to do haha. I'm thinking maybe L & D, but I honestly just want any job! I wonder how many people HR contacted...

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