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*Hey guys! Just wondering if any of you new grads/rns trying to break into a new specialty who have been interviewing for the June 2012 Parkland Residency have heard any news? I know there is a zillion applicants interviewing and... Read More

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    Quote from Shannon Nicole
    I was able to attach a cover letter, resume, references, and transcripts. I believe you have to attach two reference letters. Log back in after you apply and then scroll to see a summary of your submission and at the bottom it says add attachments. Add them there and be sure to add two letters of recommendation. I had to add my extra attachments after I applied. Respond if you can't find it and I can help you out step-by-step.
    Shannon Nicole, were you able to edit your applications after you submitted them? I saw how you can log back in ad attach documents (letters of recommendation, cover letters, etc.) but I was not able to log back in and edit the actual submission, any ideas?

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    Hello all,
    I will be relocating to Dallas because of my husbands transfer. I applied to the residency positions online. Is there also a paper application? Where can I find these?
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    No, the paper application is only for the Nurse Internship Program, and it's already off of the website. The NIP is different from the residency...and it starts in August. You have to apply both online and in paper for that program. As far as the residencies, I heard from some friends that the ED is sending emails to schedule interviews. I have my NIP interview this coming Tuesday, and went to the GN Open House and they had a sign up sheet for SICU, so I have an interview for them next Wed. Good luck, all!
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    Has anyone heard from the residencies that did not attend the open house?
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    Anyone hear anything? Do you think it will be helpful in calling?
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    Does anyone know how many they interviewed or if they are doing second interviews??
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    I got a call today and I'm in!!! They are calling people this week to let them know. They give you 24-48 hours to accept the offer and if not I think they are just moving down the line! Keep me posted on who all gets in. We should all meet up before it starts
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    Does anyone know if they have already done interviews for the NICU residency?
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    Yes they have. When I was interviewing for L&D I was waiting with a girl who was about to interview for NICU and she had 3 friends that had also interviewed for Nicu residency
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    alright.... so I have been following this thread for awhile. I interviewed with for the NIP and Im getting VERY anxious about hearing something back. Congrats Shannon was that for NIP? Im glad you got it! When did you hear from them? and do you know if they will call regardless of getting it or not? Ive been wanting this since last year so I really hope I got it!

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