Parkland hospital Med-Surg Fellowship training

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    I was wondering if someone who has been through the 12 week training at Parkland could give me an idea of what to expect or how to prepare for it. Thank you.

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    Where is this facility located?
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    Dallas, TX
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    This thread has been moved to the Texas Nursing forum to increase the likelihood of generating responses from nurses who live and work in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Good luck to you.
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    I'm wondering the same as well. I have applied for the September Cohort!
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    Awesome... well, I'll for sure let you know how the July orientation and training goes. Orientation is next Monday
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    I can't wait either, it is almost here!!
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    Anyone else starting tomorrow??
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    How long after you applied did you hear anything? Do they generally let you know if your not being considered? Two place I have applied sent me e-mails that I didn't fit their needs, just wandering if Parkland does something similar?
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    Well, during the first week of orientation we received a thick manual about general hospital info and other stuff. The week after orientation, we went to skills lab to practice cultures, venipuncture, and vital signs. Now we're in the class phase which will last until graduation in September, oh an we also got a huge manual for class. The clinical educators seem to be nice and so far I haven't had any problems with them or how the system works. I guess no one really can repare for this fellowship but there's nothing to worry about. Just be confident and remember that you have plenty of support to become successful.

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