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    How hard is it for a new grad to get a job at parkland? especially the NICU or L&D? Would it be immpossible for an out-of-state new grad?
    Does anyone know about Centennials Versant program? How competitive is that?

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    NICU and L&D are both pretty competitive; that goes for all of the internships I believe. For l&d they interviewed for over a month so it had to have been quite a few people for a few spots. They started putting jobs up in October I believe, but I still see positions being posted for new grads, so just apply to everything you see and keep checking! Good luck!
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    I'm interested in applying to their NICU as well. PP or nursery would also be good choices as well. I recently looked at the jobs posted and didn't see any positions for new grads as of right now. How did you do you search to see these jobs???
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    On the left side click search jobs and it will take you to a different page. There are none right now, but I saw some earlier in January a few weeks ago, you may just have to scroll through. If you are looking for NICU, they did their hiring awhile ago you may have to wait until the spring to apply again for that one?
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    Yeah they took all of those down. I'm hoping they will have a few spots for the May 2011 graduates. If not I will try for something else I guess. I would really love to work for Parkland
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    gobananas did you get the l&d residency?
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    Quote from Mrs.RN85
    gobananas did you get the l&d residency?
    I think I ended up waiting a little over a month to hear back from them but they finally called and offered me a position, but I went with a different one. How about you?
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    I am working on a med/surg unit in a small hospital no luck with parkland. Where are you working?
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    I called last week and talked to a recruiter at Parkland about the jobs on their website that don't require any experience and she said they aren't available until the summer. I also talked to one of their WISH managers about all of the OB positions they listed for RNs with little experience (called RN I) and she said they had already been filled. I just graduated with my BSN and moved to Texas last month and I interviewed for internships before moving. Most of the people I talked to were very nice but said to call them once I actually lived in the state. The internships here seem to be extremely competitive. Good luck with everything Cmunst45636!!
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    Quote from meggo
    Most of the people I talked to were very nice but said to call them once I actually lived in the state.
    Have you called them now that you live there? If so, what's their excuse NOW for not hiring you?

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