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  1. Hi. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of north hill hospital and if anyone has had an internship there before. I was trying to find more info online but could not find much info about this hospital. it's it a good hospital to work at?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    North Hills Hospital is located in North Richland Hills, which is a middle-income suburb of Fort Worth. It is located in the Mid Cities region of Northeast Tarrant County.

    The hospital is owned by HCA, which is a for-profit corporation owned by Senator Frist.. Many of the local HCA hospitals do not have the best reputation in this area.
  4. by   not.done.yet
    Each of the local HCA hospitals have their own CEO and their own culture. I work at an HCA hospital and am proud of and pleased with how our unit is run. Benefits aren't awesome though and are being cut left and right, which is disappointing. Base pay is competitive and shift differentials are good and stack.

    It will be most accurate to talk with people who work at the North Hills Hospital. Hopefully some will come along here.
  5. by   babiiphatt
    Thanks for the info. I've been offered the ICU internship position and is thrilled to start. I just found it odd that I didn't find much info on here or anywhere regarding their internships and such. I'm just hoping I pass The Nclex next week since the job requires you to be a licensed RN. I never heard of this hospital or anyone that has worked here so I want sure how the environment is like. I guess I'll find out in 2 Weeks. Thanks guys!
  6. by   babiiphatt
    Just to let everyone know more info about this hospital so far... it is a great hospital! everyone is very nice and approachable and they really do make you feel comfortable. Although it is a smaller hospital, it gives you the feeling of being right at home. Ill update more but i love it here so far...
  7. by   cbeach
    Hey! I was offered a GN position at North Hills and like you, I too was looking for some additional information. Everyone I have spoke to so far, including the ladies that interviewed me have been extremely nice and I am so excited! Any other info you can post would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. by   tarotale
    I am bringing this thread back to life since I am looking into this hospital. sounds very pleasant so far!
  9. by   jo23
    Any info on how your residency's went? I want to apply to this summers!