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Hey Guys, Found out today that starting on Sept 1, 2008 there will be an exam that everyone has to take before receiving their liscense. This exam is over nursing ethics. I received this info from the Texas board of nursing... Read More

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    I took the test a week or so ago. It wasn't bad at all. It took me about 30 minutes. The "search" function on their website isn't the best, so be creative with the words you use when you are trying to look for an answer. They just tell you pass/fail at the end, and give you a nifty certificate to print, if you want.

    Good luck!
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    This is a very good idea. Texas has one of the highest rates of malpractice.
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    Highest rates of actual malpractice, or highest rates of accusations of malpractice?
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    I am not sure about that statistic we are a big state but, I think knowledge of the role of the Nursing Board and more information about your Nurse Practice Act is vital in any state so you can protect the license you sweated, cried, missed sleep, and fun activities for. I have seen many situations where a good nurse got in trouble because of lack of knowledge of what the board would have her/him do in a situation.
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    I took the the exam last week and I didn't think it was bad. It only took me about 30-45 minutes to take the exam and you are allowed to search in a different window. So for anyone who still needs to take this, give it a try!
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    Being a Canadian nurse I was hesitant to take this exam however alot was common sense. It took me about 30 mins to do. The important thing to know is where to find the information on the site.
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    FOR THOSE WHO TOOK THE JURISPRUDENCE EXAM: If you fail the exam, you can retake it after 7 business days. So, is it still the same questions? How many times/ is there a limit number of times the NJE be taken? Hope to hear a reply. Thank you!!
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    I took the exam, but I passed it the first time so I'm not sure if it would be the same questions. When you take the exam you are allowed to still browse the BON website, as well as google. I just made the best of my resources and hoped for the best!
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    I took the exam back in December. There is a 25 dollar tutorial at the beginning that takes a couple of hours to go through. It basically gives you EVERYTHING you need to pass the Jurisprudence exam....really folks, it is super easy. Don't worry about it. I did learn some interesting things, though, so it isn't a total waste!
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    Hi All-
    This test absolutely can be done on the 1st try. I finished with about 20 minutes to spare and I took a potty break-nerves! I believe the test to be the same exact questions on the 1st try as it would be on your 15th try. As I passed on the 1st go, I don't have any evidence to back up my belief.
    You pretty much have 4 months (on your temporary license) to take the exam and pass it. The cost of the JE exam is included with your $200 licensening fees. I am not sure what would happen if you took and failed the exam on the last day.
    I didn't find the tutorial for $25, just couldn't locate it.
    Do not bother to memorize all of the information on the links I provide, it's not worth wasting your time. The TX BON simply wants to know that YOU can find answers to possible issues while practicing as a nurse. To me it sounds like the BON doesn't want to hear "I didn't/don't know".
    Use your critical thinking skills (eliminate the obviously wrong answers, then search the answer that you think most correctly fits the question).
    The following link has a question that is nearly word-for-word one of the questions on the exam.

    Get to know BON Rules & Regs 217.11 Standards of Nursing Practice. Just skim it over
    Open up the Nursing Practice Act, BON Rules and Regs and the TX BON site to the search page. I used Adobe (in FireFox) so that I could easily search the document). Here are the links:

    There was a question on how many days you can use your compact license in a new state.

    There were a FEW questions on Safe Harbor. Sometimes the answers were in the Rules and Regs or Nurse Practice Act. However, this page had good information too!

    The LVN scope of practice had a couple of questions as well.

    There was also a question on the number of CE hours.

    Please do not freak out or worry about this exam. It's not the NCLEX (whew!!!). The TX BON could have used a better word, like "quiz".

    If any of the information I gave was confusing, not complete enough, or if you have questions please PM me.
    I hope I have allayed some fears with this post.

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