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Hey Guys, Found out today that starting on Sept 1, 2008 there will be an exam that everyone has to take before receiving their liscense. This exam is over nursing ethics. I received this info... Read More

  1. by   whiskeygirl
    Yes, it's a Texas thing. However other states are begining to use it as well.
    From what I have seen, it is mostly new grads that have to take it, as well as anyone who applies for a license by endorsement.
  2. by   maeljv
    Thank you so much for the info! I took and passed it already. Glad to have this forum for some tips and everythin' bout it. Thank you guys! Godbless!!
  3. by   sbyramRN
    Here is the link to the online Jurisprudence Exam Tutorial.
  4. by   LadyBug1029
    I just graduated in Dec 2008 and my class was the first required to take the nursing jurisprudence exam. It is a simple, 50 question on-line computer exam that you can take at home, open notes. It is not difficult, and it is simply to ensure that you know the laws that govern the practice in nursing in the state of Texas. I took it after I graduated. No need to worry about it while trying to get through school.
  5. by   MoLawrence09
    Hey all! I'm moving from ohio to texas as i'v received a new grad job. But i just learned about this nursing jurisprudence exam. I think it's a great idea to know the scope of practice, but i've been taught more about ohio. Does anybody have any idea what it's like or study tips for me? I'd really appreciate any help!!


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  6. by   txgal34
    i just took mine about a week ago. it isn't hard very hard. you go to the texas BNE website, click on the verify license and the link is in there to take the exam online. i am a recent LVN grad, and about half the questions were common sense where the other 3 answers were OBVIOUSLY wrong and the other half is being able to look up NPA and other website information. when you click on the exam, it opens in another window and you are supposd to look the answers up on the website. it's not about knowing the info, it's more about knowing how to find the info on the website. you have 50 questions and 2 hours to take it. i passed the first time, but it says if you don't pass you get to take it after 7 days. i was worried about it, but it was a piece of cake (i think, because it just tells you if you pass, not how well you passed) and you only have to get 38 out of 50 questions right. i was stressed cause our school was really clueless and barely mentioned it at the end and even they didn't seem to know much about it. but don't'll do fin!!!
  7. by   MoLawrence09
    Thank you so much! I was really freaked out by it since we don't have anything like that in ohio. I'm already worried about my GN licensure going through in time to start working that when i found this out I got a little stressed! Thanks so much and congrats on your recent graduation and passing the test!
  8. by   txgal34
    thanks! ....and i am glad i could help. i, too, was stressed as we were the first class to go through the school who had to do this as this is apparently a new requirement that started October of 2008 and we had no info when we were supposed to do it and what would be on it. i had actually searched the boards (there are some posts about it under the students' forum) and got reassurance that it is easily passed ... which it was. just remember that they are only seeing if you can look up the info on the website, you are not supposed to have the info memorized! good luck and glad i could help!
  9. by   Heloisea3
    Txgal is right. The jurisprudence exam is the easiest test you will ever take. You just go to the BNE site to take the test and look up the answers as you go. A lot of them are common sense as well. Congrats on finishing school. Welcome to Texas!! :spin:
  10. by   sjt9721
    The BON website also has a study module for the exam. It cost me $25 to take and highlighted the topics that the exam covers. (I took it because I was preparing a presentation on the Nurse Practice Act.) It might be a good idea for you to take since you are coming in from another state.
  11. by   sirI
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  12. by   MoLawrence09
    Thanks to all who helped me on this! I did end up taking the study prep course. It helped me a lot taking the test, but i'm not sure that it was really necessary. It was easy and passed! One step closer to getting there!
  13. by   diane227
    This is a good idea. Texas is a state that has a lot of malpractice activity because the whole state is run by the trial lawyers association. It is a topic that every nurse needs to know about and understand. ( I used to work in Texas). Here in Washington state we have to take an extensive exam on HIV. Every state has their own requirements I guess.