New Grad needing a job anywhere in TX or any state

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    Does anyone know who is hiring right now. Been filling applications everywhere but no luck. I need help.

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    Hi.. I can relate to your situation- times are different for new grads than a year ago.

    If you are willing to relocate to San Antonio I know that Baptist (downtown) is hiring new grads.
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    wilson n jones in sherman,tx and TMC in denison,tx. TMC has a new hospital building they will be moving into soon.
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    Good Shepherd Medical Center in Longview and ETMC and Trinity Mother Francis in Tyler will hire new grads. However, some of the hospitals start their internship programs only in Jan and June. I don't think that is the case with Trinity Mother Francis, but may be so for the other two. This is the East Texas area.
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    Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center in Waco is always hiring. PM me if you need info.
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    I'm ready to relocate anywhere. Thanks i will look into it.
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    Thanks everyone for your help.
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    Never ending,
    I was looking at Baptist Health but i have no idea which one is in downtown coz they have different facilities.
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    look at small town hospitals, I know many of the small west texas hospitals need nurses as well as the small town long term care facilities, the hospital district where I work certainly does
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    Try San Antonio they have a huge medical center.

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