NCLEX result and Texas juris exam. HELP.

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    I took the NCLEX exam last Dec 21, 2011 and up to now I still don't have my result. So i called them already and they told me that I need to take and pass the Texas jurisprudence exam before they send my NCLEX result. Does that mean I passed my NCLEX?
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    No, it means you have not taken the jurisprudence exam and until you do, they aren't going to release your results.
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    If you want to know whether you've passed the NCLEX, try to re-register during pearsonvue. I haven't heard of anyone that this trick hasn't worked on. If you get an error message that means you've passed. If you continue to the "payment" page then you've been unsuccessful.

    Good luck!
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    take the jurisprudence exam, it's required to get your license. it's on the texas BON website and is super easy. you can take it as many times as you need until you pass.
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    hi jinx! any update from your result?
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    yep! I PASSED! thank God! they waited for my jurisprudence exam test and after that they already sent me my result and certificate!
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    I cant believe you waited that long to receive your results. I wouldve been calling them a week after not hearing anything.
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    it's okay. The long wait was all worth it.
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    hi! i just took the nclex rn exam last june 26,2013 and up until now no mail was sent for me with regards to the result. i am from the philippines. does that mean i will have to wait longer time gor the result to arrive? pls help me... and give me some feedbacks

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