Moving to Austin, Texas YEY!!!

  1. Hi everyone! I will be moving from NJ to Austin, Texas next month. I will be working in Seton Medical Center Austin area (Downtown), Ortho-Neuro Unit. I'm excited. Anybody worked in Seton before? Is a $25/hour salary for a BSN, RN with 2 year LTC experience a fair salary?

    I've never lived on my own before so this is quite a challenge and exciting experience for me. I will be driving from NJ to Austin and will bring my cousin and my sister along with me. I only have my books, shoes, bags and clothes with me so I will pretty much start from the beginning. Any tips to look for apartment in the downtown/central or South area of Austin? I heard from my employers to stay away from the east side of Austin... That's all I know. I just want a safe environment where I can park my car and not break the bank. Do you guys know any good apartment complexes? I don't want to search in Craiglist or in I'm much more comfortable living in an apartment complex.

    Thank so much! God speed!
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  3. by   HouTx
    Congratulations - I hope Austin lives up to your expectations.

    Suggest that you ask your nurse recruiter to recommend an Apartment locator service in the Austin area. They can find something to suit your needs. They can usually set you up with some special deals that would not be available if you were to look on your own. Apartments in central Austin can be very pricey because they are in high demand by UT students, so you may need to look outside that area.
  4. by   txredheadnurse
    Hi there! I am a native Austinite and I want to second what HouTx advised. Use an apartment locator service since you are unfamiliar with the area. Also be aware that Austin is divided north from south by the Colorado river (called Town Lake inside Austin) so having to cross over from the south part of town into the central core where Seton main campus is located causes quite a bit of commuter congestion during "normal business hours". If you are working a shift that starts at either 6 or 7 AM the driving shouldn't be too bad but be prepared for a much longer drive time home because the main north/south or east/west roads stay full of traffic from about 3PM to a little after 7 PM. I drive all over the greater Austin area at a variety of times of the day so I speak from experience lol.

    I would suggest when you go to the locator service that you ask if they can find you a place on the bus or light rail line. If you are OK with using public transport for work commuting you can save yourself a lot of hassles with the driving, with finding a parking space and have an opportunity to read, surf the web or decompress on the commute not to mention less gas dollars out of your pocket and wear and tear on your car.

    Welcome to Austin. We are bit unlike the rest of Texas but we like it that way (wink).
  5. by   pennylane18
    HouTx Thank you! I'm moving in a couple of weeks and I'm excited! I hope so too!

    The company sent me a local apartment guide and circled which ones are safer than the other. I contacted several apartment complexes and scheduled tours and etc. Hopefully it goes well.

    Is $25/hour normal pay for a RN, BSN with a 2 year LTC experience? I heard Houston, Tx pays so much better than Austin. I get $35/hour in NJ but that's a Per Diem job. I hope $25/hour is enough.

  6. by   pennylane18
    txredheadnurse Thanks for the info! I do hope I can find a place immediately! It's expensive to live in a hotel or a B&B! I already scheduled meetings and tours with several apartment complexes. Hopefully it goes well!

    I don't mind driving. My work is in downtown, I believe, in the 78705 area. I would definitely look for a apartment locator service! Can you recommend one? lol.

    How's the weather in May in Austin? Do you believe a $25/hour for a RN, BSN with 2 years LTC experience is normal? Thanks so much!
  7. by   not.done.yet
    In May? It is on the warm side of temperate and climbing steadily toward the armpit of hell that is July-September.

    Congrats in landing a very coveted position! You will love Austin!
  8. by   turnforthenurse
    I started at $23.50/hr as a new grad and now I make $24.80 with 2 years of experience under my belt (for base pay....I actually make nearly $30/hr with $37/hr in OT when you add in my shift differential!). Austin has a lower cost of living compared to NJ. Personally, I think it is reasonable.

    Austin averages 300 sunny days/year. May will be WARM. In the peak of summer expect the temperatures to be 105+. It doesn't really start to get cold until December/January but when you get used to heat here, that drop to 70 degrees will feel cold to you!

    And the IH-35 traffic can be horrendous during peak commuter hours, trust me! Try to find a place where you don't have travel much between north and south Austin.

    I LOOOVE ATX and I hope you will love it, too!
  9. by   Lovelymo79
    I also moved from NJ to Texas almost 2 years ago. It is definitely different here (I live and work an hour north of Austin but I do agency work in Austin occasionally) but I really like it here. While we do make less money than NJ nurses, our cost of living is definitely lower here. My friends pay double the amount in rent back home than I do and I have double the space and amenities!

    Good luck! I have a friend who works at Seton Main and loves it!
  10. by   pennylane18
    not.done.yet Climbing steadily toward the armpit of hell!!!! hahaha!

    I hope a $25/hour is enough for a $900/month 1 bedroom/1 bathroom! Thanks so much! Any more tips on surviving Austin, Tx? Thanks!
  11. by   pennylane18
    Lovelymo79 How did you get there? Do you have family there? How did you get a place? Any tips on surviving Austin, Texas?
  12. by   pennylane18
    turnforthenurseRN[FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif] 105+? Damn, that's hot! I'm pretty excited about the move! I just hope I'll get used to the heat, living alone, working in Tx and etc... lol. This would be my first time actually living on my own and I've never been to Texas.

    Yes, I heard about the infamous IH-35! Thanks for the tip! Would avoid that road really since I'm working downtown Austin (78705).
  13. by   Lovelymo79
    Quote from pennylane18
    Lovelymo79 How did you get there? Do you have family there? How did you get a place? Any tips on surviving Austin, Texas?
    I got here by plane! I'm not sure what you mean by that. Do you mean what brought me down here? If so, I was offered my dream job and I took the opportunity.

    No, I do not have any family here. As far as a place, when I came down to interview, I looked at some apartments but the apartment I chose, I just saw it online. I actually chose it and placed a deposit on an apartment, sight unseen. I didn't see my actual apartment complex until I actually moved in. I was blessed to strike out on an excellent apartment.

    I don't live in Austin so I can't give you any tips on living there. I live an hour away, north. But, I have been there often and I work there as an agency nurse but haven't been out socially there often. Just a few times. Overall, it seems to be like a very cool city. Lots of events.
  14. by   Assess&Safety1st
    I might be moving to Austin, Texas next year. I'm LVN in Ca. What are major hospital for peds? I've been working in peds dr office. How is Round Rock vs Cedar Park in Austin, right? What are good colleges for LVN RN bridge program? Whats average price for apartments?
    Thank you