Memorial Hermann June 2012 Internship is up

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    If anyone is interested in Memorial Hermann, their Nurse Internships are up. Areas include OR, ER, ICU, Women's Services, and Med Surge.
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    Just noticed this, I'm applying ASAP. Are you planning on applying Plover1?
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    i did but i pray to have something way before then. lol.
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    I'm guessing you have graduated already?
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    Yes in December.
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    Sorry to hear about the extended job search, what seems to be the trouble locking down initial employment as a new grad?
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    Well I started to apply to some gn positions that were just ob or pedi related. Then I stopped applying and started focusing on nclex. Now that I passed I am reapplying everywhere and more open. I had one interview before I graduated but I know where I messed up. But practice make perfect. Just patiently waiting. Faith
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    I graduated last May and still no luck getting a job. =( I applied I thought since I was an old grad I couldn't but HR said I could as long as I hadn't work as an RN. I've applied all over TX and other states.
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    @commonsense-did you hear anything back from MHHS internship for June?
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    @xandarosa- any luck yet? i also applied to there june internship.