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Hi everyone! I just submitted my application for the Fall 2013 Lonestar College basic track ADN program. LSC-Montgomery is my first choice, followed by LSC-North Harris, and LSC-Tomball. I applied with an 11.81. Has anyone... Read More

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    I really hope you are right! It does not make a difference where I go, I just want to get in somewhere.

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    45 more minutes to go before the application period closes. Good luck everyone!
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    Good luck to you as well! I'm about to go crazy! LOL! This will be the longest month of my life.
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    Goodluck to all of the applicants.
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    Good luck to everyone! I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will hear as soon as I did for the lvn program (a short 3 weeks) but is highly unlikely because the adn gets so many more applicants. The month will fly by before we know it and we will have letters in hand!
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    Is anyone here also applying to Alvin? I have been unable to find a thread for this application period for Alvin. Perhaps I will start one!
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    Hi everyone!

    I can't believe the application period has closed. Now the wait begins...but it will go by in a flash.

    I wish all posters to this thread the best; may each of us find ourselves beginning nursing school this summer and fall!

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    I've heard that the reply letters come in the mail and also in email. Does anyone know exactly? I talked to the lady at Montgomery when I turned in my application and she said the replys will start going out at the end of March. Does anyone have any info about NH? Is it a good program? I've never taken any classes there or have even been on the campus. Any info would be great. Again, good luck to everyone and I'm saying prayers for us all! Can't wait to hopefully meet everyone!
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    I was told by Cyfair that letters will go out end of march into early april as well, I believe she told me I will get an email. So just check email and mail both!! I don't know anything about the NH program but it was number 3 on my list. At this point though I will be happy to get in anywhere! Has anyone heard the approximate number of applicants? I am curious to find out how many applied!
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    This whole waiting thing is horrible!!! I think NH accepts 100, Montgomery accepts around 40! I'm shocked that more people aren't on this thread. In the past, hundreds have been on threads for the Lonestar Nursing program..kinda weird!

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