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Lonestar Fall 2013 hopefuls - page 2

Hi everyone! I just submitted my application for the Fall 2013 Lonestar College basic track ADN program. LSC-Montgomery is my first choice, followed by LSC-North Harris, and LSC-Tomball. I... Read More

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    Alternate is a couple of people who are close but not in and then if someone drops out they get in. I hope I get in to with 11.4132 I'm worried about that
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    @ Jessiwebb did you apply to all four? If so, I think you should worry less based on previous scores you have it. I am worried because even based on previous scores I'm at the bottom of the pool. I would love to move to Houston! PLEASE EXCEPT ME!!!
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    Ya I am just a worrier. But I feel confident I want Montgomery but idk about that. I think I may get I to north Harris . Honestly ill b happy to just get in I think u will be ok too
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    Hi everyone!
    I've submitted my application with 11.54 pts; my 1st choice is Cy-fair, 2nd Tomball, 3rd is North Harris. I pray that we all get in somewhere.
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    Hi guys!! I Applied to Montgomery with an 11.65! I also am anxiously awaiting to find out!! Hopefully we will all make it in! 13 more days till the application closes! I wonder how long it takes them to send out letters of acceptance and do they still send you a letter if you don't get accepted!?
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    I think I read we will be notified within 4 to 6 weeks. That seems like a life time! Good luck to you all!
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    Hi all, I'm going to apply for NH with a 10. I still have some prerequisites to finish. I should have an 11 after the summer. It gives me hope to see that they took close to a 9 for the cut off. I thought it was a 10. Had anyone else heard what the NH cut off was last semester? I took my HESI Friday, so glad to have that over. I did really well, what a relief! Good luck to you all.
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    Im super worried about getting in with a 10.8. Im thinking that I may not make it in.
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    Just have hope... you might get in. Good luck!!
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    Hello all. I put in my application today with a 10.95. I am doubtful I will get in but I have hope. The gal who took my app said we should hear by end of march or early April! That's not too far away!
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    We have the exact same score! I turned in my application today with Montgomery being my first choice and tomball my second. I was really worried I needed an 11.5 + for Montgomery but it all depends on the group of applicants I guess. Also, I would love to hear if anyone caught a discrepancy in the scoring as I did.... My GPA average is 3.6666666....... But it was rounded down to 3.6.... All the other scores include a hundredths place so I'm wondering why I essentially have a GPA score of 3.60 opposed to 3.67?? It's petty I know but when Im freaking out like this every point counts!!
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    6 days left to apply and here is what we have so far....

    Jena5111 - 11.81
    Jessi29 - 11.65
    emahewa - 11.54
    Jessiwebb - 11.4132
    Heather5619 - 11.4132
    lth1123 - 11.22
    creecree - 11.2
    Kevann00 - 11.2
    Hemcdougall - 10.95
    CheybiBoling - 10.8
    Ahackney - 10.00

    I seen a few people do this on previous post and I liked the idea...
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    Great idea to start a list so we can keep track! I am feeling a little discouraged with my score, but I figured I would try anyway before retaking the hesi or any classes.