Lone Star Fall 2012 ADN Applicants - page 86

I applied to Lone Star - ADN program Spring 2012. I was accepted as an alternate. I am hoping to get a call from the nursing department saying there is a spot for me. If not I will be reapplying for the next application period... Read More

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    The dosage calculations aren't that bad, brush up on metric conversions. And I took psyc stats and it wasn't too bad.

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    I just realized I have no clue what to take to school tomorrow....

    And now I just realized our teacher sent out an email telling us what to bring, so never mind!
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    Well, it's the end of the first day...and I feel like I need another vacation. LOL!
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    How was everyone's first day??? Let us know how it went!!
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    First day was great. Had Health Assessment class on Monday. Everyone had to wear scrubs the first day. We went over the syllabus and student handbook. Afterwards we went and jumped right in to chapters one and two of our textbook. So all in all I'd say a good first day
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    My day was good got done with gluco lab at like 12:15 but felt a little rushed excited about clinical orientation tomorrow I'm at st lukes
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    Hey Kelly it's Candie!! Just realized this was you!
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    Hi, I just found this page when I was looking for the information about LoneStar College nursing program.
    I applied starting this fall, am waiting my acceptance letter. My first choice is Montgomery, and Tomball second.
    my score is 11.68.
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    sorry I mispost I dont know how to delete my post...
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    Graduated May 10, 2014!!! Received my ATT and I am scheduled to test in June! What a terrific journey!
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