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I applied to Lone Star - ADN program Spring 2012. I was accepted as an alternate. I am hoping to get a call from the nursing department saying there is a spot for me. If not I will be reapplying for the next application period... Read More

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    Is anyone taking kinesiology this summer?

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    Hi y'all
    I finally found this page and it has been very helpful. I have been accepted at Tomball (yah!!!). I have almost completed all the requirements they need, expect Social Security Verification. Can someone kindly tell me how I go about this?

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    It tells you how to do SS verification on your acceptance letter. It was easy. Just follow instructions on the website you go to. I wasn't happy about having to pay at the end because it did not tell me until I was finished but able to do it without a problem.
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    Ya I know but at least it was only like 10 dollars, I'm taking CPR renewal Monday!!! I'm still looking to connect with some more people who got into north Harris. I am so exited for all this to start!!
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    Also if anyone still needs to get their physical and TB test I reconnect Walgreens the physical is $69 and the TB is $28 and u have to wait 4 weeks between the tb test and immunizations unless u do it all the same day, so it's important to get started now😃
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    I was accepted at NH but have given my spot to an alternate due to unexpected family issues. It was hard to do but at least someone else will be getting exciting news and get to attend the program. I think I will be applying for Spring admission, not sure which campus. I had already completed SS verif, background and CPR before I made the decision. Guess I'll be ready on the next go round.
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    Thank you for t he info. I cant believe I bypassed it on the acceptance letter...can i blame excitement of getting admitted?
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    Now that I think about it the information about SS verification may have been on NH 2012 Nursing admits web page.
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    @Angenoir Lone Star College System -Student Screening is the website (:
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    ADVICE!!! I see that some of you are taking classes this summer to finish up before the program. I'm having BIG trouble deciding on what I should do... I have finished all required classes for my ADN at lonestar inwhich I start mont. in the fall, BUT I really would like to go for my BSN one day and the college has different colleges trying to get the ADNs to go straight for their BSN classes right after graduation. Heres the problem, I'm lacking now around 6 classes for the BSN program. Should I take some classes this summer so that I can finish them up before I start nursing class?
    I have to pay for it out of pocket, and I have two beautiful children who I would love to spend the summer with before the craziness starts! If I do take some classes I would like to take a mini mester and I would have to start before the orientation. Please, any advice is greatly appreciated.

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