How can I prepare??

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    Hi! I just got my acceptance letter this week into NCTC's 2013 LVN program (I am so very excited!). I would love any advice from current students. I know there is only so much I can do, but I want to get a head start. Are there any books I might be able to read that might help? What were your clinical hours like?

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    Congratulations!!!!! I was also accepted for Spring 2013. What campus are you going to?
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    if you are taking A&P in your program start reading that book now! That unit was hard for a lot of people in my class and needed a lot of study time for all the memorization
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    Congratulations to you!! I'll be at the Gainesville campus. They are the only ones that offer the spring enrollment. Did you get accepted for in-class or online??
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    Congratulations! I would brush up on ratio and proportions, read or reread A&P, and read a Nursing Fundamental book.I would buy your books as early as you can. Although our instructors did not teach the chapters in order, we have needed all the chapters. All that being said, most of all I would do anything NOT nursing related that you love..NOW. Because once your program starts it is ALL nursing Misty
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    Orientation is November 8! That's when we will find out all the books we'll need and I'll probably buy them ASAP! I've already planned out a few roadtrips with friends and such and took a lot of time off of work for it. I told my manager I wanted to get all of my fun out of the way because for the next year this program will be my entire life (And I wouldn't want it any other way!) But thank you for your advice!
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    I work in ltc right now and found a lpn who went to the same school, recently, and had her books and she has been kind enough to lend them to me. I don't start until Feb but I'm starting to make my flash cards now for a&p
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    Whetr are you going to school?
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    moved to TX state nursing program forum
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    I am going to the in class program at Gainesville I cant wait to get things started. I took my drug test yesterday. I really want to know what books we need so I can get them now.

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