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  1. HEY Y'ALL! I'm a new member of allnurses although I've been reading up on here for a while. I'm about to begin my last semster in nursing school & I'm getting anxious about getting a job when I'm through. I'm in the North Houston area of Spring/The Woodlands. Just wondering if anybody knows of ANY Nicu's in the houston area that welcome new grads. So far i've heard that Conroe Regional does, and St. Luke's The Woodlands does NOT.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, I've been thinking of ways that I could possibly get into the nicu before graduation as a volunteer, hired nursing student, nurses aide and so forth. I've contacted 2 nicu's who have rejected any such idea. Anybody know of anybody that would accept any help in those areas?

    I realize the NICU is a difficult place to get into straight out of school. Although I have my heart set on it, I do understand that I may have to begin somewhere else. But hey... it doesn't hurt to try your hardest to get to where you want to be right?!

    ALSO... (sorry I'm ramlbing)... If anybody in other areas around Dallas/Austin/San Antonia know of any hospitals that are new-grad friendly in the NICU please share Relocating is definitely an option.

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  3. by   HelpMeFindAJob
    Good luck! Finding a new grad job is hard enough without narrowing it down to the hardest of them all. Have you thought about Kingwood or going downtown? Are you getting your BSN or ADN? Because that is a big difference in finding a job as well, because a lot of hospitals that are Magnet or going Magnet mainly want BSN's.
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    I haven't thought about Kingwood but that is a great suggestion! I am currently in an ADN program. However I'll be working on my BSN soon after... and evenutally want to be a NNP. Since I'll be looking for a position with only an ADN under my belt, I know that takes me out of the running for anything downtown :-/ and even some over here in North Houston as well. Thanks for the well wishes! If I can't find anything, I'll be content doing something else... maybe L&D or even ICU/IMCU... knowing that one day I WILL get into NICU. I just can't go down without a fight lol.
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    I would suggest trying a position with ANY baby interaction, such as L&D, NB nursery, etc. I know that they had NICU new grads accepted to my hospital but those girls had their BSN and it was a requirement for them. But really, it's a VERY critical area, without any prior medical experience and without going downtown to the med-center that is "new-grad" friendly b/c they all teaching hospitals, it can be very hard for a new grad getting straight into NICU, esp if it's not a good internship. If you offered one outside the med-center, make sure you ask ALOT of questions about their intership, like: how long would it be? teaching/classes? How long as their NICU been around?
    really alot of hospitals will ship out ALL their premies to the med-center, mostly b/c of all the stuff they can do down there. But good luck to you! It's really tough now to get anything at all!
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    That's really great advice, thank you very much
  7. by   NeoNurseTX
    Try St. Joseph Medical Center downtown Houston. A lot of people seem to forget they have a NICU.
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    Neo when does St Joseph open up their new grad program?? I keep checking everyday but nothing posted
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    Quote from Princess_WannaBe
    Neo when does St Joseph open up their new grad program?? I keep checking everyday but nothing posted

    Not a clue but you could give HR a call.
  10. by   lovemorehateless
    Does St. Joseph hire ADNs? I will definitely try there!
  11. by   Princess_WannaBe
    I believe they do but no nicu positions are posted
  12. by   NeoNurseTX
    Quote from lovemorehateless
    Does St. Joseph hire ADNs? I will definitely try there!

    Yep they do
  13. by   Princess_WannaBe
    The only positions they had up that GNs can apply to is a couple of med surg positions. The lady in HR I talked to said their internship starts in july so maybe they will post other positions soon