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I'm a soon to be BSN Grad

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  1. HelpMeFindAJob

    Houston GN Residencies

    She got another one. They are still interviewing for their OR, because she was going to but when they offered her the position she really wanted she just took it.
  2. HelpMeFindAJob

    Houston GN Residencies

    Princess what school do you go to?? And yeah most the hospitals are done hiring. One of my friends got a job at methodist but she did their summer internship there so they already knew her. Good luck everyone its a tough stressful time for us all
  3. HelpMeFindAJob

    Critical Care Trauma Nurse Parkland

    probably 80 or more, they usually don't narrow it down too much for the initial interview.
  4. HelpMeFindAJob

    New grad relocating to Houston ... is it THAT bad out there?

    this is why getting your foot in the door prior to graduating is the best thing to do.. because at least they know who you are and your work ethics and also its easier to apply internally then externally.
  5. HelpMeFindAJob

    DFW GN/RN June 2011 Internships

    I go to school in Tyler, and I have to say its not simple there either. We are graduating about 90 from the BSN program in May and then the ADN program here is going to graduate a good 40 and the majority of them are staying in Tyler because the Job market in big cities are so bad, just to get the experience under their belt.
  6. HelpMeFindAJob

    What do TX RNs make?

    Congrats on the position! I know first hand out competitive jobs are in Houston, I have been looking for months now.. and its frustrating!
  7. HelpMeFindAJob

    Houston GN Residencies

    I havent done clinicals at any of the houston hospitals :/ Thats what worries me most, I've just been a PCA for almost 4 years so I'm hoping my experience will help me out.
  8. HelpMeFindAJob

    Houston NICU's

    Good luck! Finding a new grad job is hard enough without narrowing it down to the hardest of them all. Have you thought about Kingwood or going downtown? Are you getting your BSN or ADN? Because that is a big difference in finding a job as well, because a lot of hospitals that are Magnet or going Magnet mainly want BSN's.
  9. HelpMeFindAJob

    UTEP nursing program

    I have a few friends that graduated from the program and they really liked it. I'm a student in the UT health system and it is a great education, with high recommendations. Ultimately the decision is up to you, but as long as they are an accredited institution then you don't have too much too worry about, because the BON would of shut them down if they weren't very good.
  10. HelpMeFindAJob

    Houston GN Residencies

    I didn't see anything for Ben Taub, oh well. Dang that many! This job hunt is stressful!
  11. HelpMeFindAJob

    Houston GN Residencies

    I talked to someone from Methodist, and theirs should be up soon. I didn't know Ben Taub had one open, I'm going to have to look into that one.
  12. HelpMeFindAJob

    Houston GN Residencies

    Thanks! Has Hermann contacted any of you or at least sent out emails because I just got the thanks for you application and it will be reviewed generic one, I just did not know if they sent out rejection ones. Thanks for the heads up on Texas Children's I would love to work there. I am ultimately looking for an ICU job but honestly at this point I will take what I can get.
  13. HelpMeFindAJob

    Houston GN Residencies

    Oh okay Thanks! I heard from St. Luke's and I have an interview with them this coming up week. But thats good to know about Memorial Hermann. This is such a stressful process!
  14. HelpMeFindAJob

    Houston GN Residencies

    Okay thanks! Have you heard anything back from any of the hospitals you are applying to?
  15. HelpMeFindAJob

    Houston GN Residencies

    I will be a new grad in May 2011 with my BSN and I have applied to a few residencies such as St. Luke's and Memorial Hermann, but I can't seem to find any of the other hospital's postings yet. Has anyone else been able to?