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i was wondering about the requirements of the texas BON (endorsement RN)... am i still eligble coz i just found out 3 days ago that i passed but i have CA license and i don't have any experience over there and now i'm currently... Read More

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    @jad.rn & @merdithder

    am i eligible if i only have the nclex cali pass letter for this endorsement process??

    how do i get a fingerprint card? im from the phils.. or do i have to use my aunt's address there in cali - and she'll be the one to send me the card and then do it back home..

    how long is the entire process?? from submission of all of the reqts.. [let's just say that you could possibly send them all at the same time.]

    thank you so much
    you have to ask someone in the US to do the fingerprint card be delivered to their address then they will be the one to send you the fingerprint card. i suggest, you ask your aunt for more than one copy for the fingerprint card...
    it shouldn't take so long especially if you did the verification of license for Philippines and for california.. it will take about a month for texas to reply to you regarding your status, if everything is okay with all the requirements they need, they will send you your temporary license...

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    I would like to thank meredithder for her help. Without her insight, I wouldn't have the courage to pursue my application for endorsement in texas. I would like to share to everyone things you may omit or not do but still get that license from Texas.

    1. You don't need any relative from the US to get a finger print card. I was able to get a copy of my fingerprint mailed directly at my home here in the Philippines. You just have to indicate your complete address in the website when you request for it.

    2. I did not attach a copy of my license in the Philippines nor the passing letter I received from California few years back in my mail.

    3. You can actually check the status of your progress online in their website. (BON texas)

    4. If you have queries, you can actually email them at ad :

    I think Texas is the cheapest and fastest state you can transfer your license to through endorsement. Total expenses for transfer was only $260 plus mailing and PRC fees.
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    I just wanted to ask if Tx will send the temporary license at home ( I reside in the Philippines, Ca passer). I already have taken and passed the jurisprudence exam. Is it alright, because I dont have my temporary license yet; nonetheless according to BON website, I just lacked the criminal background check and the nursing jurisprudence exam pass. They received my card on 2/28/12. Will the ten-day lapse after receipt of the card applies? I am worrying that I have taken the exam earlier, and might be invalid. Thank you.
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    hello smoochie05

    yes. your temporary license will be mailed at your house by mail. The temporary license is nothing but a piece of paper with your # indicated in it.

    i don't think that TX CON will invalidate your jurisprudence exam just because you took it early. i don't think it really matters. the fact that you were able to take the jurisprudence exam is proof that TX knows you're a potential candidate for endorsement.

    hope this helps.
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    Hello! First of all, I'd like to say that I gained a lot of insight reading this thread. Thanks so much for making time in replying to our inquiries.

    My scenario is this, my boyfriend's California license will already have lapsed/expired by the time he gets here in Texas in 2014. I already read the California BON's guidelines about renewing it successfully (they call it a deliquent renewal), so long as it doesnt exceed 8 years from the time that he passed the NCLEX.

    My question is, does he need to renew/activate his California license first before applying for endorsement in TX? Or does he just have to ask for licensure verification from Cali (even the license has already lapsed) and still proceed with the endorsement? Thanks so much!
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    Oh i'm sorry, let me correct myself...

    My boyfriend doesnt hold a California license YET, he is just an NCLEX passer...i know it expires after 2 or three years... can he re-activate it when he comes here in 2014 and not have to re-take the Cali Nclex..or do we have to endorse it to another state (Vermont, for example) in the mean time? What's the best move to make?
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    Hi! I would just like to know what is the difference between having a Credential Evaluation Service(CES) and Visa Screen Certificate? I am also a CA NCLEX passer since Nov 2006 and already have a Visa Screen Certificate that will expire this coming May 2012. I'm planning to apply for an endorsement either in Texas, Colorado or Vermont. But I'm still confused of how to apply and what is the best state to apply. Lastly, I'm running out of time and I want to apply ASAP and have an active ID license before my Visa Screen Certificate expires. Please advise. Thank you
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    hi im new here i have a question what did you guys put on the eligibility question "have you been practicing as a registered nurse within the past four years? because i dont have any experience but i graduated last march 2006 in the phils and just passed my ca nclex last january 2011. if i said no will that affect my application?
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    Helo! I just want to ask if the Texas BON requires SSN now (2012) because I heard that this year they are requiring it already?Is this true?
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    Helo! I just want to ask if the Texas BON requires SSN now (2012) because I heard that this year they are requiring it already?Is this true?

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