Help please... Endorsing fr. California to texas - page 10

i was wondering about the requirements of the texas BON (endorsement RN)... am i still eligble coz i just found out 3 days ago that i passed but i have CA license and i don't have any experience... Read More

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    Hi! I saw your post as I was searching for someone who went through this process. I just sent my check and TX verification form to CA today so they can verify my old CA license to TX for my permanent TX license process. When did CA finally verify your license to TX? My temp license expires end of July, and I am worried CA won't send the form in time. I have everything else done for the TX license but that. Let me know when you get a chance! Thank you!
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    Hi, my situation is different from yours. I endorsed my CA NCLEX report ( I don't have CA RN license) to Kentucky and it took around 3 to 4 weeks for CA BRN to transfer my NCLEX report to Kentucky. Hope it helps.

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