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I have been put into group one, which is a reporting agency that allows other healthcare facilitys to see why I was terminated. I was not given a chance to resign before termination. My question is,... Read More

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    how many did you get to help? I need to do more research but they are beyond words, terrible. I am contacting the Labor board and other bodies, because I may be put on it for not finishing my 2 wk notice even with a MD note.

    You are correct, The BON will handle the big stuff. This is nick picky stuff.

    I have several nurses interested but we need to do more research and figure out how to fight them and what we are fighting. How legal are they? They are getting loop holes. NO way is this HR correct. Give me your thoughts. Let's not dally!
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    I'd be very interested in seeing this operation shut down. I haven't graduated yet, and hope to never run afoul of this thing, but the fact that your boss can report you to this list and there's basically no recourse scares the bejeezus out of me. It's definitely not right, but it may take one heck of a legal fight to bring it down.
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    What website???
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    I am almost positive I'm on it and while I've been told there's a way to get a copy of my spot on the list, I have no idea how to go about this. Considering I have a wonderful resume and have been verbally hired on the spot from many of the facilities on this list then never contacted again in the past three years since I left one of these facilities, I need to know what it says and how to counter it. Thanks!
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    The above link is dead.
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    Quote from arvolina
    The above link is dead.
    it worked for me.
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    It worked for me, too. Perhaps you may want to clear the cache on your browser.