Graduate nurse needs job in dfw area

  1. I graduated from an ADN Registered Nursing program last month in Oklahoma. I am taking my NCLEX in 2 weeks. I recently live in the Dallas, Texas area and having problems finding hospitals that will hire new graduates. I have found a lot of jobs posted but all require atleast one year of experience. Does anyone know of any hospitals in the DFW area, (or anywhere in Texas even), that hire new graduates? Please if anyone has any information let me know! I'm desperate and getting worried. =(
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    Try LTC and rehab facilities. Most of the major hospitals hire new grads through internships, which are pretty much filled at this point. Good luck!
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I'm a newer RN who graduated from an LPN-to-RN transition program three months ago and passed NCLEX last month. The competition for new grad internships and employers that will accept new grad RNs is fierce right now.

    There are a couple of hospital systems that are offering new grad internships right now, but I will not divulge the specific information because I'm personally trying to get accepted into one of them at the present time. Your best bet is to keep looking, pounding the pavement, and doing whatever you've got to do in order to find work.

    Here are some hospitals in and around Dallas and Denton County. You might want to call each facility or visit each hospital's website to see what types of jobs they're offering to new grads at the present time.

    1. Methodist Dallas
    2. Methodist Charlton
    3. Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas
    4. Baylor Irving
    5. Baylor University Medical Center
    6. Parkland
    7. Presbyterian Hospital of Allen
    8. Trinity Medical Center
    9. Childrens Medical Center of Dallas
    10. Medical City Dallas
    11. Renaissance Hospital of Dallas
    12. St. Paul
    13. Zale Lipshy
    14. Vibra Specialty Hospital
    15. North Texas Hospital
    16. Denton Regional
    17. Presbyterian Hospital of Denton
    18. Centennial Medical Center
    19. Baylor Frisco
    20. Baylor Garland
    21. Las Colinas Medical Center
    22. Baylor Plano
    23. Lake Pointe Medical Center
  5. by   kat7ap
    You may try looking at rehab and LTAC hospitals. Try places like Kindred, HealthSouth, LifeCare, Regency, Global and others in the area.
  6. by   RedhairedNurse
    JPS in FT Worth hires new grads.