El Centro Fall 2018 - page 9

I will be applying to the fall 2018 semester at El Centro. I am excited but also nervous that I might not have enough points. How many points will everyone else be applying with?... Read More

  1. by   mommyjenn88
    Yeah I need to knock out my PE for mountain view, and I will probably be taking patho and pharm as well. I really want to fit in chemistry before Brookhaven's end of sept deadline...but I dont think that is going to be possible.
  2. by   deemin220
    I've been waiting for an e-mail response from Allison Nelson so that I can enroll in RNSG 1301 (Pharmacology). Does it usually take a week to hear a response? I've met all the pre-requisites to enroll so I don't really understand why I can't just register and pay.
  3. by   mommyjenn88
    The only time I have ever had issues with online enrollment was my first semester. I have been able to enroll online on my own afterwards. Maybe meet with an advisor and enroll in it the paper route way.
  4. by   LakegirleastTX
    Hey y'all, has anyone heard about the Spring 2019 submission status?
  5. by   mommyjenn88
    It all depends on the current students that have to take the NCLEX exam scores. I heard Navarro was in the same boat on being on probation.