CNA school in Houston

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    I tried looking it up on the web but I am having dificulty. Can anyone give me name of schools that have CNA training programs. thx

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    Where in Houston do you live?
    I live in the Clear Lake area and drove down to Kemah for my CNA training at Medical Career Training (but there is one further north). A good place to look is in the Education section of the Greensheet. Good luck!!
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    I took a nursing assistant course at Houston Community College a little over 10 years ago. It was a very good course and very reasonably priced.
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    [color=olive]the medical career training place that's further north is the one i'm going to. it's right off of i-10 and antoine.
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    Hello, Is there any way you can give me some information about the cna program in kemah or the address? Thank you!
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    Hello is there any way you can give me some information on the cna program that you attended in kemah or an address? Thank you.
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    Practically any community college with a nursing department will offer CNA training... contact the continuing education departments and they will let you know...

    Lone Star College (old name North Harris Montgomery Community College)
    with locations in Kingwood, off of 1960, The Woodlands area, Tomball, CyFair)
    San Jacinto college- locations near Clear Lake, Pasadena, North Shore areas
    Houston Community Colleges, with locations near the medical center and all over Houston

    Just do a web search for these schools and then go to the appropriate page on the site. Pick up a phone and give them a call. There are programs all over Houston starting at various times in the year.

    Good luck!
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    Go to the Texas Health School. It's affordable and you can get your license in a short time. The teachers are great too.
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    I took my cna training through lone star college (formerly north harris montgomery) It's considered continuing education. It was about 300 bucks and I took it in the summer. It was about 5 weeks m-f 6 hours a day.
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    Do you think that it helped having your CNA? I am waiting to apply for the BSN program next year and wanted to at least get some kind of experience in the hospitals. I thought about getting this certification so I could at least work part time in a hospital. What's your opinion? Not sure what's required of LVN or what the difference is.

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