BSN student want to Challenge LVN Board

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    Does anyone know the requirements for challenging LVN board in the state of Tx. I'm in my 4th semester in a BSN program and want to challenge the LVN board. Any info is greatly appreciated!

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    Why would you want to challenge the LVN board? You will be taking NCLEX soon.
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    in some states, you must attend the school that you would be testing for.....
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    (25) MEEP (Multiple Entry-Exit Program)--an exit option which is a part of a professional nursing education program designed for students to complete course work and apply to take the NCLEX-PNŽ examination after they have successfully met all requirements needed for the examination It would appear this would be your option....are you in such a program?
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    Are you fearful you are about to flunk out? I can't imagine any other reason to pursue LVN when you are a sneeze away from your RN....
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    Thanx everyone. My question has been answered by the dean of my program.

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