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Heyyyy everyone! There isn't a thread yet for the Spring '12 hopefuls, so I thought I'd start one :clown: I just finished Microbiology, College Algebra and 4 of my 5 coreq's, and all I have... Read More

  1. by   annbananz

    You are always full of incredible information
  2. by   RADIATION_RN
    Not sure how much this will help ya'll also but we were just made aware yesterday of the ADN department decision to move Mental Health to Level 3 instead of Level 2. So starting with us next semester, Level 2 will now consist of 16 full weeks of Med Surg while Level 3 will be Mental Health for 5 weeks, Pedi for 5 weeks, and OB for 5 weeks.
  3. by   topacio
    Hello future ACC nurses!

    I just want to wish you the best and get prepare to handle the nursing instructors, clinicals, tons of paper work; and at the end be prepare to wait between 6 months up to a year to find a job as newly graduated RN. The job waiting part is what none one will tell you about until is too late to go back and chance your mind before become a nurse!
  4. by   nicolet3271
    That is why I recommend everyone getting there CNA and getting a job so that they can have somewhere to do. That is what I have done..... I am gaining such great experiences.
  5. by   annbananz
    Quote from nicolet3271
    That is why I recommend everyone getting there CNA and getting a job so that they can have somewhere to do. That is what I have done..... I am gaining such great experiences.
    Hey nicolet3271!

    I'm signing up for the fast track CNA course in May also thru ACC. Was it easy for you to find a job after going thru the course. I wanted to start working right after I've completed the course. Can you give me any advice as to how you went about applying for jobs. Thanks so much!
  6. by   nicolet3271
    I also did the fast track at ACC. It took me about 6 months of applying before I finally got a job at St David's Main. I love it. I am gaining critical care experience. I love the floor I work on. I work PRN so I only have to work 1 12 hour shift on a weekend a month. During the summer and while I will be waiting to get into nursing school I will work more. My manager told me she has 4 tech that just finished nursing school and she hired them as nurses. They hire from within. So do your homework and figure out which hospital you want to work for and just APPLY APPLY APPLY and someone will give you a chance. Goodluck to you.....
  7. by   annbananz
    Thanks nicolet3271! I really appreciate the advice!
  8. by   Brooke.FutureCRNA
    Hey everyone! I will also be starting the program in the Spring '12!! I'm going to take nursing skills this coming Fall!! Any advice on instructors?

    Does anyone know the real difference between all the divisions in the nursing program?? CEC, RRC, Hybrid, etc.??? What is the real difference, besides the hybrid having the lecture courses online? Has anyone heard about which one has the best instructors working for it? Best Clinical instructors?? Best Clinical locations? I am trying to find out the most information i can about each division so i know exactly which one will work best for me! What are you guys thinking??
  9. by   annbananz
    Hey Brooke.ACC!

    I've been to 2 nursing information sessions at Round Rock where they show us the labs....set up like a hospital with multiple beds and simulation mannequins that can sweat, breathe, bleed, and give birth (haven't seen it in action but that's what they told us).

    Anyways, I plan on taking Hybrid just because I have young children and it seems like the best option for me (every semester my kids get sick where they have to be out of daycare for a week so I had to miss class for those weeks) I live in Round Rock so it wouldn't be a commute for me since labs, I believe, will be located at the Round Rock campus. If Hybrid is unavailable than I would choose Round Rock.

    I'm not to sure about EVC or CEC since I haven't been to those locations....perhaps current or former students can chime in
  10. by   RADIATION_RN
    I am just finishing up level 1 hybrid and it is excellent!! I would not recommend it to anyone who really needs guidance to learn though. You really need to be disciplined as far as studying. For our schedule this past semester I was able to stay at my job on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. You are totally devoted to either labs on campus at Round Rock or clinicals at either Cedar Park Regional Medical Center, North Austin Medical Center, or Texas Neuro Rehab. They were really flexible with us about switching clinical sites to get us close to where we lived as long as we had someone to switch with. I don't think every level will do that. I was stuck at Texas Neuro and I live in Round Rock so I was lucky to find someone to switch with and I got NAMC. Every other week we had a test on Tuesdays. The tests are all multiple choice on computers.

    I can only personally speak for hybrid but our instructors are all great! The clinical sites are all very different so if ya'll want details of which ones to shoot for I can give you guys details. Just let me know and I will post it.
  11. by   annbananz
    RADIATIONRN2BE.....You are ALWAYS full of advice and guidance....MUCH MUCH appreciated!
  12. by   RADIATION_RN
    Quote from annbananz
    RADIATIONRN2BE.....You are ALWAYS full of advice and guidance....MUCH MUCH appreciated!

    No prob!! I know how it is to be waiting for acceptance and taking all the darn pre-reqs which feels like it will take forever to complete. Ask any questions you can think of.
  13. by   Brooke.FutureCRNA
    Thanks annbananz and RADIATIONRN2BE!!!

    I have heard great things about hybrid, but I like "class" class!! I like teachers saying "really focus on this" and being able to ask questions if i need clarification. Plus, to me, class is kinda like a forced study time and MAKES me get out of my pj's!! I've heard some good things about CEC also (they are the only ACC students allowed in the medical library there at brack and that library is open 24 hrs!!! I'm all about 24 hr libraries!!! I used to pull all nighters at the libraries at UT with study groups.)

    so RADIATIONRN2BE, how does the hybrid actually work?? Do they give you a list of things to study? How do you know what to focus on for each test?? You have lab, but as far as the lecture, how is the information of what to focus on given to you?? Are there open lecture times or tutoring times?? I'm taking human nutrition online this summer to get a taste of the online self paced thing, so i can make a better decision.

    Thanks for all your shared info you guys!! I'm a closet OCD!