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Tennessee CNA Test/CNA salary in TN

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    Has anyone taken the CNA test for Tennessee? I have taken my course out of state so I am in the process of submitting my paperwork to challenge the test. Just want to hear from individuals who have been through the test and can provide some feedback. Also what's the average salary or rate/hour that a CNA makes in Nashville?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Bumping for updates and replies
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    Not sure with Nashville .. But in East Tn you make between $9 to $11 depending on where you are working .. and if you do home care it can be upward of 15 an hr .
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    I took the test back in 2009. I passed the written portion with flying colors and failed the demonstration portion. At this time I obtained a job that did not require a license and I never took it again. The starting salary would be around 10 depending on where you work.
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    CNA's in TN are certified not licensed and registered with the board of nursing in the state.