newbie here, am i too old?

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    I'm thirty five. Mom of four. Am i crazy? I've always loved the idea of becoming a nurse, but never actually had the nerve to go out there and do it. College was never discussed when i was growing up, so i thought life started after high school. College was for the rich kids who could afford it. (you can imagine the speeches my kids get now )
    Anyway, after a few years of "real life" I've realized i've sacrificed a lot by denying myself my dream. I've never taken the ACT, that comes up on the 30th. I guess my question is, Is there anyone else out there that got a "late start"? I guess i'm having the "oh my goodness i'm going out there and doing this" jitters. It would really help if there is anyone out there that has been in my position. With all the catching up i'll be doing i figure i'll be around 40 when i graduate. But when i look at how long i've been doing "nothing", it doesn't seem so bad. Any input or experiences are greatly appreciated. I love the site and will be spending a lot of my "library online time" here.

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    hello and welcome to

    it is great to have you with us. you will find many on here who have waited even past the age of 35 to pursue their dream.

    enjoy the forums.
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    There are two threads going on here recently that would interest you. One is called "Anyone start their careers later in life?" You can find it under Success Stories in nursing. The other one is called "Is 52 too old for starting nursing program." You can find it under Career Advice. You will be amazed at how many people start nursing careers in their 50's and 60's. You are sooooo young. Go for it. If you can't find these threads, get back to me, and I will cut and paste for you. They are a must for you to read. Good luck!!!!!! krisssy PS You can also use the search option in yellow at the top.
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    35? too old???? PLEASE! GIMME A BREAK! Heck no its not too old
    I say go for it! a good friend of mine from school is 40. Thats nothing out of the ordinary either. I suggest maybe at least going to get your LPN and see if u like it, then u can get your RN if u want. LPN is only a year long. not so bad. best of luck.
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    Good luck to you! It is never to late to pursue your further education. 35 most definitley is not too old. I know of many people older than that went back to school or switched careers. Your kids will admire you for your accomplishments!
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    58-starting graduate school for psych nursing this winter-can't wait!!!!!!!
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    Hi there, you are feeling just how i was last year, i am 39 now and in my first year as a student nurse. My first thoughts where am i to old to start all this. I have 3 children, one is grown up now and i have to little ones. I am finding it quite hard juggling my time between uni, placements and i am still working as a carer at weekends but i know it will be worth it in the end. I keep wishing i had done this years ago but didnt really have the opportunity to do it. I am so glad i bit the bullet and just went for it. Its a whole new world for me now and am really enjoying it with no regrets. you go for it.
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    Too old? No way. I will graduate next year at 43 and I'm a grandmother. I have loved every minute of school. Yes you get tired. Yes you wonder why you are doing it to yourself. Then you help someone and it is all worth it. Just set your goals and priorities and stick with it. You'll be happy you did.
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    You are never too old to learn!! I was 32 and had 3 small children at home when I went to LPN school. That was 11 years ago. Now, at age 43,( with 3 teens at home), I have just started the Excelsior College program. I wish you much success in your career.
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    I was shocked when I got to your age ... 35? That is still a baby LOL

    I am turning 30 an I just finished my first year of nursing classes. I have 3 semesters to go and then I can sit for my RN licensure!

    I mean even if it DOES take you to age 40, you still have 20-25 years of working time...that is a lotta might as well pursue your goals!

    Just curious why you think it will take 5 years? What nursing programs are you looking at? Some schools admit 2x a year. If you get into an ADN you can knock out your prereqs now and then have 2 years of nursing classes. You can do an RN-BSN program online when you are done.

    Now I am pretty sure you are near Columbia and there program does have a long waiting list (if I remember correctly). What other options do you have?

    It was pretty scary for me starting college because I knew NOTHING about how everything worked. But I just kept talking to the school, asking questions, joined some college groups online like on yahoogroups, and here I am, halfway through!

    Remember a lot of classes can be taken online and that is a real timesaver when you have kids, esp. if you aren't close to campus which happens a lot here in TN! lol

    Keep us updated! Just remember 5 years from now you will be 40 whether you go to school or not! Why not go ahead and go for it?

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