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Since the last few classes have had a forum for their applicants, I figured I would start one for anyone applying for the FALL 2013 start! Anyone?! :up:... Read More

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    Hi Nikki, thanks for sharing. Congrats on passing Adult Health. My wife passed her Health Assessment Finals at CBU last night and was pretty stoked herself. She had been dreading taking that test because a lot of her peers kept talking about how tought it was. Since you're working 8-5, I presume your enrolled in the evening / weekend program? From what I can tell, only SW and Baptist offer an evening course, how do you like the classes? Are the Instructors available after class to help if a student has questions? What are the hours for the evening classes? Thanks.

    @Amanada, I tried to enroll in A&P I for the Spring Semester at NW but was told by my advisor it required a pre-req to get in the class. He did not know what the pre-req was and seemed to be in a bit of a hurry. I had him put me in another course instead as my major "at the moment" is BA, then after I thought about it a while, I call the registrars office to find out what the pre-req was for the class. It was Biology, which I have already taken and have a B in the class. When I go back in January to complete my registration, I am going to check on switching the class back to A&P. If it is full, I may check into SWs A&P class since Bel let me know the class is online, including the lab : )
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    Yes, I am in the night/weekend program but we still have to meet on campus during normal working hours sometimes. Classes are typically 5-8 p on Tues. and Thurs. and you have the option of clinical days on Saturday or Sunday.

    The only thing that catches people coming into the program off guard is that they are really never told that this is more or less a self study/taught program. It's not like you go to class and listen to lecture and then you are tested on the instructor's lecture. NOT THE CASE!! You have to read, read and then read the book. It does get a bit overwhelming at times because there could be 15-20 plus chapters assigned for one test. But that is where you have to figure out effective studying techniques that work for you.

    As far as the instructors (really loud sighs) that's a hard one. Some of them are great and some not so much. I do think it takes a really thick skin to deal with some.
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    There is a completely online AP I class option with the same instructor I have!
    I have heard the SW program is pretty much "self taught". I can't do any night classes so I'm only applying for the day classes.
    Nikki, if you don't mind telling us, where have you done your clinical sites so far? And congrats on passing
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    I am a 2013 fall hopeful, I just finished micro and anatomy 2 on yesterday now its time to study for the entrance exam. I have heard the fall program is less competitve than the spring because its a day time program.
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    @Bel, Who was you A&P instructor? Sounds like they were good.

    @Nikki, Im taking my classes online now, which means they are pretty much self taught, but thinking about testing on 15-20 chapters of reading material sounds brutal. Do they give you any study sheets or handouts? Also, how often do you have to go in during regular hours? Just curious....

    Also, general question, can anyone recommend a book or program to help prep for the entrance exam.
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    Thank you BEL!!!

    I have been to The Med (Foundations), Methodist North (Adult Health I the first time), The Med (OB) and the VA (Adult Health I the second time). Next semester I will be at the VA (Mental Health) and not sure where for Peds yet but either LeBonheur or Baptist East since they have the brand new children's hospital.

    The other clinical sites are Methodist-Germantown (Foundations), Baptist East (OB) and MMHI (Mental Health)

    As far as going to campus during regular working hours, it's not that often but it's always spur of the moment without giving ample time to schedule vacation days at work.

    Some instructors do power point slides and of course some don't. You are given learning objectives for each unit and studying those objectives is supposed to prepare you for tests. Nursing school and the tests is so different than anything I've ever experienced. It's not the simple study, memorize and regurgitate. The key is learning how develop critical thinking and how to answer Nursing questions.
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    Pcarter .. when are you taking the NLN exam? I spoke to someone in the Nursing dept, and they said the lowest index score accepted for the class starting next month was 54. something!
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    @Dad, I don't think I'm allowed to post names per the terms of service so when we I get to 15 posts I will try to PM you.

    That entrance exam was awful, by the way. I had the actual NLN book I believe. It had a red cover and comes with a CD too. I only practiced the math section though..

    Nikki, thanks for the info. Do you have a choice in your clinical site or is it completely assigned? I REALLY hope I get in, just nervous about my index score
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    Nikki, thanks for the info. Do you have a choice in your clinical site or is it completely assigned? I REALLY hope I get in, just nervous about my index score [/QUOTE] No, you do not get to choose the clinical site, only the clinical day. So what is your index score?
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    Nikki Im still waiting on my final Micro grade. Im on the border between an A and B :/ if I get the B its only 60.02 and if I get the A its 64 something...

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