TEAS V hard?

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    Can anyone please give me an idea of how difficult the TEAS V test really is?

    I have never taken any TEAS test before. So, it will be my first time.

    I tried asking this question a couple times in the TEAS exam help forums but no one responds. And forum activity seems very low.


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    I found it pretty easy. If you've passed gen chemistry and biology I fairly recently you shouldn't have an issue.
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    Do you need to score a minimum score on it to get into your program or are you going for a super competitive program that uses it for ranking purposes?? If it's the latter, then take it very seriously. I found the science to be very hard and I am just about done w/pre-reqs, so it's fresh in my brain. I didn't find there was an adequate way to study for it. But the reading, math, and language were straight forward just like what's in the ATI study guide. The whole thing was stressful for me but except for the science, not hard, per se. Not sure if that helps or not!?
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    I didn't think it was too bad, but I will say that the reading portion on my test was more difficult than the reading sections in the ATI prep book. As in, the passages were longer and the questions were a bit harder to understand. If you have completed all of your science prereqs you will be golden; the hardest subject for me was chemistry, so I mostly missed questions related to that subject. Really, if you go through the ATI book and actually understand it, you should be good to go.

    Honestly, it depends on the person. The reading was hardest for me, but, as a previous poster mentioned, the science can be really difficult. I just found sitting for so long stressful. I can hardly stay seated in an hour and fifteen minute class, so I'm not really one to listen to on that subject. Watch your time, but don't rush. Take deep breaths often. I took the SAT over three years ago; that test was much harder than the TEAS.
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    Thanks for the replies!

    I just need a 68% to pass and move on with the ADN program here. But I'd like to do the best I possibly can. I have been trying Quizlet.com questions for the TEAS V and I always score 80-100%.
    I did very well in my Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology. And I took them all within the past year. So, I feel I can remember the important stuff, but maybe not all the details of those classes.

    Should I study for the TEAS V as if I need to remember everything from those classes? What about Math and English? I took upper division Math and English like 5 years ago!

    Is it worth it to buy the ATI study packet online? I can probably spend 1-2 months studying before I schedule to take the actual test.
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    I found the TEAS V exam to be relatively easy. That, likely, is because I got decent grades in the prerequisite courses. I also took a pre-test, found out my weak areas, worked on those for a week or two, and took another pre-test and did VERY well on that. I ended up getting something like an 87 or an 88 on the TEAS and if you were to look at the percentage of scores from where I was at, I was the 99th percentile. My school requires a minimum passing score of 67 and as you can tell, I very easily surpassed that.

    The main thing is that the schools set their own standard for what they consider "passing" while the TEAS folks have shown that generally speaking, a score of 62 on the TEAS V (or 67 on the TEAS IV) is highly predictive of being able to pass Nursing School.

    Don't stress too much, just make sure you know the basic material, take a pre-test about a month out, then study your weak areas, then take another pre-test about a week out, and as long as you've got a decent score, you'll do just fine on the "real thing." Those ATI pre-tests really are pretty close to the genuine article and the score you'll get from those pre-tests will be in the ball-park of what you'll get on the exam day.

    In my case, like the person above me said, I found the TEAS V to be relatively straight forward and decently plain English. I didn't find it all that stressful, but it wasn't a cakewalk either. You just have to know the basics and take enough time to actually read the question that you're asked to answer. Their questions aren't designed to trick you. There will be only one right answer and that answer should be VERY obvious if you know the material and actually read the question, read the answers, and re-read the question.

    The biggest thing for you is to simply not panic. You do that and your brain will lock up so badly that you'll need a swift boot to the head to unlock it... or some time to process it all later.
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    I found it pretty difficult, but I was a high school dropout who hadn't been to school in over five years so that made it harder than it should've been. LOL. Anyway, Khan Academy REALLY helped. It's online, free and full of videos and skills practice. It'll help you brush up on subjects you're rusty on. Best of Luck!
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    Just remembered, CK-12 was another helpful site...
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    I didn't find it challenging. I studied for about 2 weeks and got an 82%ish (83? I don't know).
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    Yes the sitting killed me!! I had to get up to stretch lol

    I found the ATI study guide and the book "5 teas tests" very helpful. I had also bought the 2 online tests when they were offering a good deal on them. I'm glad I did the online tests bc they gave me a feel for the test that paper can't.

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