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Hello everyone, The TEAS sticky is great for general TEAS questions, but I wanted to start a more specific TEAS thread for TEAS V. For anyone who has taken both 4.0 and V, was there a big... Read More

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    I don't know about online study sources but I am getting a tutor! I really need to knock this exam out of the park to get accepted! I didn't get accepted this Spring because of a low TEAS score! Yuck!

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    hello everyone!
    i posted this somewhere else, but thought maybe i'd have better luck posting it here.

    after surfing the web for three days, i've found that many ppl here have the same questions i do. but i still feel the need to ask more i suppose lol b/c i'm freaking out!

    i'm scheduled to take the teas on december 27 so i can re-take again before the end of march (if i fail the 1st time) b/c that's my cut off to apply for the nursing program. i honestly don't know where to begin on studying.

    i've found the website www.teasprepreview.com and wanted to know what everyone thinks about it?? i'll be taking the teas v.
    i've also purchased the mcgraw hill book, and will be getting the teas v study guide on monday. but i think my main question is, what worked best for those of you who struggle with math & science? that will be my main downfall.
    i've taken a couple self assesments on the algebra, and rememberd some of the stuff so i don't think the brush up with be to bad with the time i have to study, but i"m soooo scared about the science/chemestry. i haven't had any of those since high school more than 10 years ago!!

    any suggestions would be awesome at this point b/c if i take this test twice by the end of march and fail both times, i'm not allowed to take it again for another 2 years!

    thank you all in advance and sorry for this being such a long post.

    ** also, should i memorize all of the elements in the periodic table????
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    Hello everybody.
    I am new to this forums but I have been reading for the pass few days. I am going to take TEAS 5 in a few weeks. I have read that a lot of you said the science part for it is ALL OVER THE PLACE. This worries me because I didn't do so well in TEAS 4. My question for those who took TEAS 5 is are there any science topics specify that I should review and study? Thanks
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    Hello, I'm new on here...I'm scheduled to take teas V two weeks from now....I need help...Is teas test V harder than 4?....If it is should I focus on the book or the manuals.
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    TEAS 5 is much harder than TEAS 4! I did ok on TEAS 4 and didn't do so well on TEAS 5. For example, I got a 90% in reading on 4 and got 70% in reading of 5. The questions on 5 seemed to be a little more tricking. I have been studying the guide a little every day. In another week I should be finished the whole book. I am retaking it Feb 5th. My goal is to go through it 1 or 2 more times. I also am scheduled to be tutored by a test prep tutor. I hope this works for me.

    As far as focusing on one thing more than the other, I think the test is all over the place. You may want to study as much as you can. What has been working for me is 1 Math assignment and 3 other assignments a day (Reading, Science and English).

    I hope this helps.
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    ATI study manual for TEAS V is very useful. I think most of the answers in science section are in the book. Just make sure you read every page. After the test I checked some questions that I think I might got them wrong and I found that all of the answers is in the ATI book which I just skipped it or didn't pay attention enough.
    The science questions are only test on topics which in the ATI manual V; it will tell you how many questions on each topic.

    I have McGraw Hill book as well, but the science questions in this book is much easier than TEAS V. I definitely recommend ATI manual V for preparing yourself for the TEAS V.
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    Has anyone heard about a TEAS version 6?
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    I take my TEAS test,Saturday at BayPath in MA..I am soooo nervous! God help me
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    I just took the TEAS V today. I just needed the reading comprehension portion. I scored in the 96%. However, I did want to comment because I did take the exam twice. I had consistently scored between 90-97% on all the practice exams. When I got to the exam the first time - I passed, but did did not do as well as I had been doing on the practice exams. There were multiple factors - the scratch paper was typed on on one side and I am a note taker - so by the time I got to the follow the directions I had to try to do it in my head. That didn't work too well. I also felt off that day and thought the exam was much more complicated than the practices.

    The second test was so different from the first. I felt like it was much easier - more like the book. I also felt more myself and had enough scratch paper. I felt really good about it.

    My point is - it is really the luck of the draw of the questions and how you feel that day.
    For anyone taking the exam in the future - stop studying the day before. Let your brain take a break and do something to unwind like a massage. Then the day of the exam - warm your brain up with a few questions from each type, but do not go overboard and do not check the answers. Just let your brain get into test taking mode. I didn't do any studying between exams and figured I had nothing to lose because I had a passing score and it couldn't get worse. I went for a massage the night before and had no pressure on myself that day.
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    What about the physics questions? how many were on knetic energy, potential energy, gas laws, etc?!

    I take it this week and am freaking out about science..it's the section my school counts and everyone says it's so random! are there any formulas you would suggest memorizing?

    Thanks SO much!

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