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Hello everyone, The TEAS sticky is great for general TEAS questions, but I wanted to start a more specific TEAS thread for TEAS V. For anyone who has taken both 4.0 and V, was there a big difference? If so what are the... Read More

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    I ordered the TEAS V study guide,(haven't taken the test yet) and everything I've read here, people say it really helps. There's no way I wouldve taken the test without the study guide. It gives you an idea of what to expect. I even took the online pre-assessment test and I'm glad again, to know what to expect on the actual test. I am not taking any chances!

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    Okay so I got my scores back... My scores are actually pretty bad, but there it goes:

    Overall score: 86.0%

    Percentile rank- national: 97
    Percentile rank- program: 94

    Reading: 83.3%
    Percentile rank- program: 79

    Math: 96.7%
    Percentile rank- program: 98

    Science: 83.3%
    Percentile rank- program: 94

    English: 73.3%
    Percentile rank- program: 72 :/
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    PAMQ- Good job! That's a good score. How was the science section? I take mine tomorrow now and I have been stressing about the science section all day today. Heard it was pretty hard. I have both the ATI study guide and the Mcgraw-Hill.
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    PAMQ...why do you think that's a bad score??? from everything I'm hearing/seeing, that is actually an awesome score!!! I heard the national mean is like 68% or something. I'm hoping for something similar ...imo~GREAT JOB
    ((which btw, I'm taking tomorrow...ugh...but I feel ready, so we'll see))
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    I just bought the Practice Manual today. I am scheduled to take the exam on October 16th. Hopefully that is plenty of time to get prepared. I am not the best test taker. I need at least a 75% to be considered for the Accelerated Nursing program.
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    I just confirmed my test for Nov 5, wish me luck on this thing!
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    About to go see if I can register for a repeat on this test; not sure what version they administer but a lot are using this version. I just purchased the study guide at amazon already have Mcgraw off to study some more....
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    Well, just got finished with my exam. (TEAS V)
    PHEW! that was intense! ((in my opinion))
    my Adjusted Individual total score is a 78.7%
    the National mean is 63.6%
    the Program mean is 64.7%

    88th percentile rank national
    88th percentile rank program

    I'm pretty happy with those scores.
    Good Luck to all of you yet to take it.....it took everything I had!! and I'm sooo glad its over!!!
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    Congrats Flutterbye. I have until friday, can't wait to be done.
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    For anyone that has taken the TEAS V on computer: I know the 4 sections are timed, but say a section gives you 51 minutes and you finish it in 40 minutes, are you allowed to submit that section and move on to the next one? OR do you have to wait until everyone in the room has finished the same section before going to the next?

    I was hoping to complete the exam in a shorter amount of time since I am trying to leave ASAP from the test to go somewhere else. Nothing scheduled, but would like to get there sooner than later.

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