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  1. Ms.Scorpio

    Mercy Hospital (Miami) LPN-RN

    Thanks for the tips you all.
  2. Ms.Scorpio

    What It Means to Me

    Very well written. And Thank you I needed to read this. Your story is very similar to mine. Wishing you the best and I am sure you will do well í ½í¸€.
  3. Ms.Scorpio

    Nurses Blast From the Past Photo Contest

    *Lurker* I can't wait to see some pics only been a nurse for three months i don't have any pictures of me in uniform. To busy working; and when I am done I want to get out of those scrubs.
  4. Ms.Scorpio

    Thank you ALL

    I want to thank every single person who made a post or comment that helps ease the mind of a test taker or reassure those that have taken the NCLEX. Your words do not go unnoticed to those; like me, who lurk to gain more info Grntea, jUSTBEACHY, RNsRWE and everyone else thank you. I passed my nclex pn with 85 questions and like most thought failed but I passed. SO AGAIN THANK YOU TO ALL
  5. Ms.Scorpio

    NCLEX-PN 4th try in 3 weeks

    can you please send me the 50 pg review missedouard@gmail.com thanks
  6. Ms.Scorpio

    Pinned and graduated.

    :ancong!: so proud of you...
  7. Ms.Scorpio

    About to start Nursing School and having doubts

    Thanks to all that are saying the reality of what is REALLY going on in nursing to those with many years of experience and those who are just graduating thanks for the heads up on what to expect. I am nervous about the whole thing school and job market but always wanted to be a nurse and it is a big investment but I will remain hopeful but realistic.
  8. Ms.Scorpio

    What is nursing to you?

    Both those posts are the same reasons as to why I want to become a nurse and what nursing is to me. I just have a love and passion for it. Love the poem RN2B 2015.:heartbeat
  9. Ms.Scorpio

    Keiser University as of June 2010 reviews

    I have registered for the AML class independent study as well at MDC Kendall starts the 20th thats all I need. I will be taking the teas on oct 20th. You need 15 posts to pm anybody. I know you feel great to have that test over with. After the test will be the interview and doing well in the aml class, but I can not worry about that now I need to focus on PASSING THIS TEST..
  10. Ms.Scorpio

    Keiser University as of June 2010 reviews

    The 14th I was thinking that I should take it on the 20th at MDC that way it will not count against me if I mess up. I dont want to wait that long but this Wednesday will not work for me. When do you start your pre req classes?
  11. Ms.Scorpio

    Keiser University as of June 2010 reviews

    :ancong!: Plan on taking it Thursday. Would you say that the ATI practice exam was on point with the actual test and did the Mcgraw book help?
  12. Ms.Scorpio

    Keiser University as of June 2010 reviews

    hope you did well on the exam :)
  13. Ms.Scorpio

    Keiser University as of June 2010 reviews

    Since you did well I would not waste money as well. And you would have to take all sections can't take one Me on the other hand I did well in the Mcgraw book practice exam ATI bombed it badly I just took one practice exam I made a lot of careless mistakes in math, reading time got me, science yeah, english carelessness and spelling. So now I have 1 week to get all this together. I was nervous taking the prac exam I hate to see the real one. I guess I will be getting a prac exam...aaarrhhhh
  14. Ms.Scorpio

    Keiser University as of June 2010 reviews

    maliusa did you purchase a practice exam?
  15. Ms.Scorpio

    Keiser University as of June 2010 reviews

    I did ok on the science portion. I finshed the book just going to do a run through both books, and take a practice exam and see where my weak areas are then brush upon them. Wishing you luck on you test I am sure you will do well. :)